About this website

About me.

I have lived mostly in Perth, Western Australia, since 1972. For the whole of this time I worked for the Bureau of Meterorology, in IT.

Prior to this I lived in London where I worked also for the Weather Office but at London Airport.

My Collection

I became interested in cartophily after inheriting a small collection of English cigarette cards but I quickly changed tack to concentrating on Australian issues.

My collection now consists of both English and Australian cigarette and trade cards, and stickers, with some other odd items thrown in.

I published my first web site in 1997 but due to work comittments it soon became out of date.

So....2017 and retirement sees me having another crack, but progress is slow. As any retiree knows, retirement is a full time job in itself.

Stage 1. THIS IS STAGE ONE. List all known sets of cards and stickers issues in Australia. (No images).

Stage 2. Include overseas issues with an Australian theme.

Stage 3. Add images for each listing.

Stage 4. Develop a database.

Stage 5. Make this site database driven.

Hope you enjoy my new site!

David 2018

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