Australian Licorice Confectionery

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Australian Rugby Footballers (Giant Brand Licorice) 193624card AU2-1
Birds of Australia (Australian Licorice) 196535card AU2-21
British Film Stars (Giant Licorice Cigarettes) 193420card AU2-10
Butterflies of the World (National Licorice) 196735card AU2-22
Cricketers - Blue back (Giant Brand Licorice) 192824card AU2-2
Cricketers - English Black back 193024card AU2-3.1
Cricketers - Austalian Black back (Giant Brand Licorice) 193024card AU2-3.2
Cricketers - Brown back (Giant Licorice) 193024card AU2-4
Cricketers - South African black back (Giant Brand Licorice) 193112card AU2-5
Cricketers - brown back (Giant Brand Licorice) 193218card AU2-6
Cricketers - flesh tinted black back (Australian Licorice) 193424card AU2-7
Cricketers - flesh tinted black back (Australian Licorice) 193644card AU2-8
Famous People and Places (National Licorice) 1960s35card -
Film Scenes from Shirley Temple - Dimples (Giant Licorice) 193732card album AU2-9.1
Film Scenes from Shirley Temple - Little Rebel (Giant Licorice) 193736card album AU2-9.2
Film Stars - 1st Edition - brown-tinted (Giant Licorice)193424card AU2-11.1
Film Stars - 2nd Edition - brown-tinted (Giant Licorice)193424card AU2-11.2
Film Stars - 1st Edition - grey-tinted (Giant Licorice)193224card AU2-12.1
Film Stars - 2nd Edition - grey-tinted (Giant Licorice)193224card AU2-12.2
Film Stars 195640card AU2-24
Film Star Series (Giant Brand Licorice) 195935card AU2-23
Flags of the Olympic Games (Australian Licorice) 195660card AU2-25
Football Colours (Giant Licorice) 1930s12card AU2-13
Football Association (Giant Licorice) 1930s48card AU2-14.1
Football League (Giant Licorice) 1930s48card AU2-14.2
Island Treasure (Australian Licorice) 1950c60card AU2-15
Kings and Queens of England (Australian Licorice) 193540card AU2-16
Knock Knocks (Australian Licorice) - 40card AU2-37 (New)
Mickey Mouse Series - small (Giant Licorice) 193224card AU2-17.1
Mickey Mouse Series - small (Australian Licorice) 193277+card AU2-17.2
Mirror Golf (??) 1930s24card AU2-18
Motor Cars (Giant Brand Licorice) 192824card AU2-19
Notable Persons (Australian Licorice) 1960s70card AU2-20
Popular Recording Stars (Giant Brand Licorice) 196035card AU2-27
Ships Through the Ages (Australian Licorice) 196335card AU2-28
Test Cricketers (Giant Brand Licorice) 196235card AU2-31
Test Cricket Series (Giant Brand Licorice) 195832card AU2-30
The History of Flight (Australian Licorice) 197020card AU2-26
The Story of Steam Locomotives 1804-1960 (Australian Licorice)196835card AU2-29