Cadbury Confectionery

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Advertising Card1cardCA1-10 (New)
AFL Clubs16wrapperCA1-11 (New)
AFL Skill Cards17cardCA1-12 (New)
Best of the Best (AFL)20wrapperCA1-13 (New)
Australian (Baby) Animals19826shrinkyCA1-14 (New)
Australian (Baby) Animals19826book labelCA1-15 (New)
Block Sayings7+stickerCA1-16 (New)
Caramello Has Gone Walkabout19995+wrapperCA1-17 (New)
Classic Grabs199824cardCA1-18 (New)
Classic Grabs199920cardCA1-19 (New)
Cocoa Bean ProjectposterCA1-20 (New)
Decathlon Gold Medals199610circular cardCA1-21 (New)
Defend the Jaffa Planet1+cutoutCA1-22 (New)
Delicious and Wholesome1995c1postcardCA1-23 (New)
Diamond Jubilee19811sepia paperCA1-24 (New)
Factory Tasmania19812postcardCA1-25 (New)
Farm Friends18wrapperCA1-26 (New)
Footy Skills19998wrapperCA1-27 (New)
Fredo Frog20095tattooCA1-28 (New)
Furry Friends (mixed case rhyme)1970s2+wrapperCA1-1.1 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (mixed case rhyme, circular picture on front)1970s6wrapperCA1-1.2 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (upper case rhyme)19816+wrapperCA1-1.3 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (no rhyme)198724wrapperalbumCA1-1.4 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (perforated cut out picture)199230wrapperalbumCA1-1.6 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (Australian region map)199420wrapperCA1-1.17 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (Baby Animals - as Toys)19955+wrapperCA1-1.8 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (Baby Animals)1+wrapperCA1-1.9 (Renumbered)
Furry Friends (Purple Packaging)2003wrapperCA1-1.10 (Renumbered)
Gift Coupon1cardCA1-29 (New)
Looney Tunes1+wrapperCA1-30 (New)
Looney Tunes1+foilCA1-31 (New)
Lord of the Ring Movie Prize Cards1cardCA1-32 (New)
Mark Webber Challenge20031+cardCA1-33 (New)
Olympic Mascot199620cardCA1-34 (New)
Olympic Stars200026cardCA1-35 (New)
Reward Card1+cardCA1-36 (New)
Royal Silver Jubilee19351+wrapperCA1-37 (New)
Story Book Collection - Cadbury Classics10bookletnoneCA1-38 (New)
Story Book Collection - Cadbury Classics10bookletnoneCA1-39 (New)
Story Book Collection - Cadbury Classics Xmas19944bookletnoneCA1-40 (New)
Sweet Surprises20031scratch cardCA1-42 (New)
The Flintstones8+wrapperCA1-43 (New)
The Simpsons200120wrapperCA1-44 (New)
Wacky Races1970s11wrapperCA1-2