Cereal Foods

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
3D Pics- 3+cutout CE2-52 (New)
Album Series Natural History (Weeties) 195816cutout album CE2-11.1
Album Series Natural History (Crispies) 195816cutout album CE2-11.2
Air Attack (Board Game) 1960s1cutout - CE2-53 (New)
Animals of the World 195864card - CE2-12
Batman and Robin 196612letraset - CE2-54 (New)
Birds of the World 196036card - CE2-13
Birds of the World and their Eggs 195830card - CE2-14
Blotters - 3+blotter - CE2-55 (New)
British Soldiers 197112- - CE2-56 (New)
Build a Treasure Island - 2cutout - CE2-57 (New)
Bushland Wonders 195736card - CE2-16
Butterflies of the World 195930card album CE2-37
Cats of the World 196030card album CE2-38
Champion Footballers 195448cards - CE2-17
Champion Footballers 195412package - CE2-58 (New)
Circus Champions 195448card album CE2-18
Circus Superstars - 2+cutout - CE2-59 (New)
Cowboys and Indians (Board Game) 1950s1+cutout - CE2-60 (New)
Cut out Faces (Masks) 1960s2+cutout - CE2-61 (New)
Cut out Toys 8cutout - CE2-62 (New)
Dancing Clown 1960s1+cutout - CE2-63 (New)
Disney do it Yourself 197010iron-on - CE2-64 (New)
Dogs 195012cutout - CE2-51
Dolls - 1+cutout - CE2-65 (New)
Enid- Blyton Story Booklets 195716comic - CE2-66 (New)
Everest Game (Board Game) 1960s1+cutout - CE2-67 (New)
Famous People and Places 194964card - CE2-19
Farm (Board Game) 1970s1+cutout - CE2-68 (New)
Favourite Dogs 194932card - CE2-20
Fish of the World’s Oceans 195930card album CE2-39
Flags of the World - 30linen album ZS9-1
Flex-o-link Designs - 1+cutout - CE2-69 (New)
Football (Board Game) 1960s1+cutout - CE2-70 (New)
Football Mascot Swap Cards 195736card - CE2-23
Footballer Swap Cards 195936card - CE2-24
Footballers in Action 195164card - CE2-21.1
Footballers in Action 195264card - CE2-21.2
Footballers in Action 195364card - CE2-21.3
Footy Coach 1970c6cutout - CE2-71 (New)
From Colonies Tto Commonwealth - - - album CE2-72 (New)
GTV9 Television Stars195915card - CE2-22
Highlights of Australian History (1606-1919)196460card album CE2-74 (New)
Honey Krunch - 12sticker - CE2-75 (New)
Iron on Transfers - 2iron-ons - CE2-76 (New)
King Willie Weeties (Luggage tag) 19806shrinky - CE2-77 (New)
King Willie Weeties (Schoolbook Label) - 1+shrinky - CE2-78 (New)
King Willie Weeties (Sports) 19806sticker - CE2-79 (New)
Leading Cricketers 194832card - CE2-26
Lionel Rose - 1+card - CE2-80 (New)
Magic Moving Pictures 1950s1cutout - CE2-81 (New)
Major- Bigtops Circus Superstars - 8cutout - CE2-82 (New)
Royal Silver Jubilee 19351+wrapper - CE2-83 (New)
Modern War Weapons 194448card album CE2-4
Monsters - 12card - CE2-84 (New)
Odd Balls - 1+iron-on - CE2-85 (New)
Olympic (Board Game) 19561+cutout - CE2-86 (New)
Paths of the Pioneers - - - album CE2-87 (New)
Peter Pan- Stage Settings - - cut-out - CE2-88 (New)
Physical Education Guides - 8booklet - CE2-89 (New)
Polar Regions Wild Life 196130card album CE2-27
Popular Film Stars 195530card - CE2-28
Popular Pets 195466card album CE2-29
Prehistoric Beasts 196036card album CE2-30
Raggedy Ann 198112card? - CE2-90 (New)
Recipes 19502+cut-out - CE2-91 (New)
Red Indians 196140card - CE2-31
Redex Trial Game - 1cutout - CE2-92 (New)
Ride the Western Trail~ 19711+cutout - CE2-93 (New)
Revolution Cards - 5+- - CE2-94 (New)
Ripley’s Believe it or Not 196130card - CE2-33
Rub and Giggle - 1+- - CE2-95 (New)
Sea Shells of the World 195936card album CE2-33
Sleeping Beauty 1+cutout CE2-96 (New)
Snakes-&-Ladders 1940s1+cutout - CE2-97 (New)
Soldiers of the World - 8+cutout - CE2-98 (New)
Space Cards 195830card - CE2-25
Space Creatures - 10- - CE2-99 (New)
Stickeroos 197012sticker - CE2-100 (New)
Strange People’s of the World 195836card album CE2-34
Storycards - 10card - CE2-101 (New)
Tailwaggers 195864card album CE2-35
Tailwaggers 196048card album CE2-42
Terry Toon Comics 195632comic - CE2-102 (New)
The British Arms Series 194036card - CE2-15
The Semaphore Code - 1+cutout - CE2-103 (New)
Treasure Hunt 1960s1+cutout - CE2-104 (New)
TV Wheel - 8cutout - CE2-105 (New)
Victoria Cross - - - - CE2-106 (New)
Victorian Footballers 1948194864card - CE2-36.1.a
Victorian Footballers 19491949108card - CE2-36.1.b
Victorian Footballers 1950195064card - CE2-36.2
Walt Disney Comics (1956)195632comic - CE2-107 (New)
Walt Disney Comics (1961)196115comic - CE2-108 (New)
Walt Disney’s the Living Desert 195930card album CE2-40
Warner Bros. 1+cutout - CE2-109 (New)
Warship Series 194036card - CE2-41
Willie Weeties Cartoon Carnival 196730card - CE2-110 (New)
Willie Weeties Club Badge 1950c1badge - CE2-111 (New)
Willie Weeties Club Card 1950c1card - CE2-112 (New)
Wonders of Modern Aircraft 194048card album CE2-6
Yogi Bear - 1+transfer - CE2-113 (New)