Dairy & Iced Confectionery

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CompanySet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Amsol Ice Cream (SA) (AM6 New)SANFL Footballers 19687+sticker - AM6-1 (New)
Amsol Ice Cream (SA)SANFL Rosettes 19705+sticker - AM6-2 (New)
Australian Dairy CorporationButter 'Em Up 1983-84198450card - AU1.6-2
Australian Dairy CorporationKanga cards 198550card - AU1.6-3
Australian Dairy CorporationSuper Cricket Series 1982-831982-8354card - AU1.6-1
Bodalla (BO9 New)Cheese Eaters - 1sticker - BO9-1 (New)
BodallaRock Stars 199030card - BO9-2 (New)
BodallaThe Big Cheese - 1postcard - BO9-3 (New)
Bonlac Allowrie (Dairy foods) (BO8 New)Bear sticker kit - 6+sticker - BO8-2 (New)
Bonlac Allowrie (Dairy foods)Discover Australia - 15margarine top - BO8-1 (New)
Breaka MilkBrisbane Broncos - Personal Tips on Playing 19909card - BR2.7-1
Breaka MilkBrisbane Broncos - Make their Breaks with 1990c2+sticker - BR2.7-2 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.) (BR14 New)chillix - 1+sticker - BR14-1 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.)Gorilla Stickers - 6book label - BR14-2 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.)Moove Me - 3+sticker - BR14-3 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.)Pirate Facts - 5cutout - BR14-4 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.)Stars of the Milky Way (WAFL Footballers) 197932supplement - BR14-6 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.)Yogo Finger Puppets - 1+cutout - BR14-5 (New)
Brownes Dairy (W.A.)Yogo Schoolbook stickers - 1+book label - BR14-7 (New)
Bulla Cheese (BU9 New)Ice Age 320094sticker - BU9-1 (New)
Canberra Milk (Milk Authority of the ACT)(CA12 New)Australia's Bicentenary 198816cutout album CA12-1 (New)
Coon Cheese (CO26 New)Coon Slices - 4book label - CO26-1 (New)
Dairy Farmers (DA7 New)Chuck's Chopper - 1sticker - DA7-1 (New)
Dairy FarmersDinosaurs 20049+plastic card - DA7-2 (New)
Dairy FarmersMoove 1970ssticker - DA7-3 (New)
Dairy FarmersRaz Me Bob - 1sticker - DA7-4 (New)
Dairy FarmersShrek 120048sticker - DA7-5 (New)
Dairy FarmersShrek 220046sticker - DA7-6 (New)
Dairy FarmersShrek 32007DA7-7 (New)
Dairy Frost (DA8 New)Miscellaneous stickers - 1+sticker - DA8-1 (New)
Dairy King (DA9 New)Surfy stickers - 1+sticker - DA9-1 (New)
Dairy KingThing stickers - 3+sticker - DA9-2 (New)
Dairy KingPink Panther - 3+sticker - DA9-3 (New)
Dairy KingWik Wak stickers - 5+sticker - DA9-4 (New)
Dairy KingMiscellaneous stickers - 5+sticker - DA9-5 (New)
Devon Valley Dairy (DE5 New)Olympic Games 195610blotter - DE5-1 (New)
Dynomite Milk (DY5 New)NSW Schools - 2+sticker - DY5-1 (New)
Fontelle (Dairy produce) (FO7 New)Looney Tunes 2011303d card- FO7-1 (New)
Frosty Boy (FR3 New)Miscellaneous Stickers - 1+sticker - FR3-1 (New)
Gold Crest (Ice block mix)Circus cards 198318card - GO2-1
Harvey Fresh (Dairy, WA) (HA10 New)Perth Glory 200821card - HA10-1 (New)
Icy Poles (IC1 New)Zooper Doopers - 1+sticker - IC1-1 (New)
Jacaranda Milk (JA3 New)Miscellaneous Stickers - 2+sticker - JA3-1 (New)
Kool Pops (KO3 New)Nicolodeaon 199720flip card - KO3-1 (New)
Laughing Cow Cheese (LA10 New)Olympic Games - 1+card - LA10-2 (New)
Laughing Cow CheesePlanets - 1+card - LA10-1 (New)
Laughing Cow CheeseSports - 1+card - LA10-3 (New)
Mainland Cheese (MA13 New)Blinky Bill - 3+sticker - MA13-1 (New)
Mainland CheeseCrystal Reef Adventure (Cheez Bodz - Power Pops) 19981+flip card - MA13-2 (New)
Mainland CheeseCrystal Reef Adventure (Power Pops ) 20001+flip card - MA13-3 (New)
Mainland CheeseCrystal Reef Fantasy (Cheez Bodz - Power Pops) 19981+flip card - MA13-4 (New)
Mainland CheeseCrystal Reef Fantasy (Cheez Bodz - Power Pops) 19991+flip card - MA13-5 (New)
Mainland CheeseCrystal Reef Adventure (New Cheez Bodz - Power Pops) 20001+flip card - MA13-6 (New)
Mainland CheeseLuna Tics (Cheez Bodz - Power Pops) 19981+flip card - MA13-7 (New)
Mainland CheeseMax Mainland - 1+sticker - MA13-8 (New)
Mainland CheeseOnes Basketball 19951+card - MA13-9 (New)
Malanda Milk (MA14 New)mooving-on 1950c40card - MA14-1 (New)
Maxam Cheese, NSWZoo Alphabet 193326card - MA9-1
McArthur (Dairy)Famous Composers 1980s1+cutout - M0/0.2-1
Milk Marketing Board, NSW (MA15 New)Dynomite Flip Outs 19981+card - MA15-1 (New)
Milk Marketing Board, NSWMilk Cool For School 199820card - MA15-1 (New)
Mio CheeseMio Booklets - 4booklet - MI12-2
Moove Milk (MO14 New)Miscellaneous stickers - 11+sticker - MO14-1 (New)
Mr. Milk (MR3 New)Mr Men 19844+sticker - MR3-1 (New)
Murray Goulburn Co-operative (MU11 New)Moo Cheese - 1+sticker - MU11-1 (New)
PaulsAustralia's Amazing Animals - 1+wall chart - PA7-6 (New)
PaulsAustralia Map With Insert Animals 1970s5+sticker - PA7-7 (New)
PaulsBillabong Animals 1980c4+sticker - PA7-8 (New)
PaulsCrazy Critters 1980c4+sticker - PA7-9 (New)
PaulsMash 197824sticker - PA7-5
PaulsOlympic Willy 1980s1+box - PA7-10 (New)
PaulsPopsicles 1970s4+sticker - PA7-11 (New)
PaulsPower Rangers 1980c1+sticker - PA7-12 (New)
PaulsScooby Doo 19798sticker - PA7-1
PaulsSpider Man 197824sticker - PA7-2
PaulsStar Trek 197916sticker - PA7-3
PaulsStar Trek 19798wrapper - PA7-6 (New)
PaulsStumpy Cricket Stars 1970s12cutout - PA7-4
PaulsThe Simpsons 20031+cutout - PA7-13 (New)
Peters3D Audioscopics Viewer- 1+3D-viewer- PE4-12 (New)
PetersAmerica's Cup (Roger Garwood) - 24card - PE4-13 (New)
PetersArl Mascot 197612sticker - PE4-14 (New))
PetersAnima Loons 19815+cut-out - PE4-15 (New)
PetersAussie Cricket Game 19821+sticks - PE4-7
PetersAussie Magic Moments 200615card - PE4-16 (New)
PetersAustralian Rock History Series - 24card - PE4-9
PetersBillabong Stickers 1980s2+sticker - PE4-17 (New)
PetersBillabong Stickers - 7sticker - PE4-18 (New)
PetersBurnouts - 12card - PE4-19 (New)
PetersCooling the Planet - 8sticker - PE4-20 (New)
PetersCrazy Critters - 16+sticker - PE4-10
PetersDinosaurs - 10card - PE4-21 (New)
PetersDisney Conumdrums - 8+dixie-lid - PE4-22 (New)
PetersDrumsticks - 1+sticker - PE4-23 (New)
PetersGlow In The Dark (Incredible Hulk) 19816transfer - PE4-4.1
PetersGlow In The Dark (Super Heroes) 19806sticker - PE4-4.2
PetersGlow In The Dark (Super Heroes) 19806letraset - PE4-4.1
PetersGreat Big Smile 1980s1+sticker - PE4-24 (New)
PetersFooty Picture Cards 1978c24card - PE4-2
PetersFooty Team Mascots (NRL) 197612sticker - PE4-3.2
PetersFooty Team Mascots (SANFL) 19768sticker - PE4-25 (New)
PetersFooty Team Mascots (VFL) 197512sticker - PE4-26 (New)
PetersFooty Team Mascots (VFL) 197612sticker - PE4-3.1
PetersFooty Team Colours (WAFL) 1970s8sticker - PE4-27 (New)
PetersFooty Quiz - 1+wrapper - PE4-28 (New)
PetersHistory Of The America's Cup 198740card - PE4-8
PetersKelly Tips 197812card - PE4-1
PetersKiss Photos 19801+sticker - PE4-29 (New)
PetersKoala Poles 19652+cut-out - PE4-30 (New)
PetersMonster Quiz Poster Cricket Book 19854wall-chart - PE4-31 (New)
PetersOrange Frosty 1980s1+sticker - PE4-32 (New)
PetersPete's Top Fun (Head Only) - 5+cut-out - PE4--5.2 (New)
PetersPete's Top Fun (Head Plus Shoulders Or More) - 4sticker - PE4-5.1
PetersPete Top Hat Circular Stickers 19807+sticker - PE4-33 (New)
PetersPies - 2+sticker - PE4-34 (New)
PetersQueensland Sheffield Team 199018card - PE4-11
PetersSlam Jokes 1990s10pog - PE4-25 (New)
PetersStar Stickers 197810sticker - PE4-6
PetersStar Wars - 5+sticker - PE4-36 (New)
PetersSummer of Sport 19961scratch-card - PE4-43 (New)
PetersThe Phantom - 1+wrapper - PE4-37 (New)
PetersThe Phantom - 1+sticker - PE4-38 (New)
PetersTransfers - 2+transfer - PE4-39 (New)
PetersTwo Australian Champions - 1+card - PE4-40 (New)
PetersWarner Bros. Movie World 1998c11pog - PE4-41 (New)
PetersWombles 1970s5+cut-out - PE4-42 (New)
PetersYogo Lids (Rugby League) 19835+lid? - PE4-43 (New)
Perfection Dairies (PE5 New)People Of Perfection 200020card - PE5-1 (New)
Popular CreameriesChild Scenes 1920s41- P02-1
StreetsAircraft of Australia 19824cutout - ST10-1
StreetsAnimals in Australia Map - 4+sticker - ST10-5 (New)
StreetsBe a Buzzer Biter 1980s1+sticker - ST10-6 (New)
StreetsBrisbane Broncos 1980s21card - ST10-4
StreetsDangle Angle Game 19822+cutout - ST10-2
StreetsEat Freezies Frequently 1980s1+sticker - ST10-7 (New)
StreetsFind the Mr. Men - 1+cutout - ST10-8 (New)
StreetsFlintstones 1970s1+cutout - ST10-9 (New)
StreetsFunny Feet 19828sticker - ST10-10 (New)
StreetsGrab Game 1970s1+card? - ST10-11 (New)
StreetsHappy Days - 1+sticker - ST10-12 (New)
StreetsI'm a Banana Buster 1980s1+sticker - ST10-13 (New)
StreetsLick a Prize 1980s2+sticker - ST10-14 (New)
StreetsLickie Stickies - 3+sticker - ST10-15 (New)
StreetsMighty Choc 19671+sticker - ST10-16 (New)
StreetsPaddle Pop Lion Disks 2004c4+pog - ST10-17 (New)
StreetsPaddle Pop Lion School Series - 3+sticker - ST10-18 (New)
StreetsPaddle Pop Lion Safari Series - 8+sticker - ST10-19 (New)
StreetsPaddle Pop Lion Stickers (Square) 1980s12sticker - ST10-3.1
StreetsPaddle Pop Lion Stickers (Circular) 1980s3+sticker - ST10-20 (New)
StreetsPop Stars (Chockers Box) 1970s8+cutout - ST10-21 (New)
StreetsPaddle Pop Tops 20044pog - ST10-22 (New)
StreetsRobin Hood's target Game 19731+cutout - ST10-23 (New)
StreetsSix Million Dollar Man - 4sticker - ST10-24 (New)
StreetsSlip-a-Capillo - 1+sticker - ST10-25 (New)
StreetsStar Wars 19783+cutout - ST10-26 (New)
StreetsSupersonic Flasher - 3+card - ST10-27 (New)
StreetsThe Crazy Joe Cola Gang 1980s1+sticker - ST10-28 (New)
StreetsMiscellaneous stickers (You can't lick a Lion type) - 5+sticker - ST10-3-2
Suncoast Milk (ST5 New)Safety Series 1980s4sticker - ST5-1 (New)
Tasmanian Dairy Industry (TA13 New)The Adventures of Tassie Tiger Cool 200036card - TA13-1 (New)
Victorian Milk BoardCariactures 194936card - VI4-2 (New)
Victorian Milk BoardSpace Series 1960s51+card - VI4-1
Wendy's Ice Cream (WE9 New)Peter Pan - 1sticker - WE9-1 (New)
Wendy's Ice CreamThe Cone Crew 19955card - WE9-2 (New)
Wendy's Ice CreamTreat a Friend 20011card - WE9-3 (New)
Yoo-hoo Milk (YO3 New)VFL 19751postcard - YO3-1 (New)