Fast Food and Drink Promotions

CompanySet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Chicken Feed (CH18 New)Tfl (Super League)1999-card-CH18-1 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Pogs -Sa199440card-CO2-3 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Pogs -Sa199547card-CO2-4 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Pogs -Vic199440card-CO2-5 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Pogs -Vic199547card-CO2-6 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Pogs -Wa199440card-CO2-7 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Pogs -Wa199547card-CO2-8 (New)
Coca ColaAfl Team Classics199516card-CO2-9 (New)
Coca ColaBrisbane Broncos198940card-CO2-10 (New)
Coca ColaClassic Kangaroos199518card-CO2-11 (New)
Coca ColaChristmas Stickers19958card-CO2-12 (New)
Coca ColaGeelong Footballers196240card-CO2-1
Coca ColaSydney Olympic Collector cards20005card-CO2-13 (New)
Coca ColaMotor Racing Pogs19976card-CO2-14 (New)
Coca ColaWallabies200215cd/card-CO2-15 (New)
Cue ColaAdvertisement cards1960s6+card-CU1-1
Hungry Jacks (HU7 New)Qbe Sydney Swans19939+card-HU7-1 (New)
Hungry JacksAfl Footy Passports/Captains199516card-HU7-2 (New)
Hungry JacksNblc198812?card-HU7-3 (New)
KFC (KF1 (New)Star Wars - Episode 1199912cardKF1-1 (New)
McDonaldsBirthday Wheel19821card-MC1-1
McDonaldsFantastic Family Funstakes19802+card-MC1-2
McDonaldsCricket Team Sounenir19811poster-MC1-3
McDonaldsVfl Club Badgesc198012sticker-Zj12-37-1
McDonaldsWindow Decorationsc19801+cellophane panel-MC1-4
Pepsi (PE14 New)Star Wars 12 Pepsi Pack Carton199912disk-PE14-1 (New)
PepsiStar Wars 24 Pepsi Pack Carton199924disk-PE14-2 (New)
Pizza HutDefenders Of The Earth19911+sticker-PI15-1
Pizza HutFooty Works Selection Afl19959card-PI15-2 (New)
Pizza HutFooty Works Selection Arl19959card-PI15-3 (New)
Pizza HutKids Works Hot Hits Promotions19998card-PI15-4 (New)
Pizza HutNintendo Pokemon Puzzles200164card-PI15-5 (New)
Pizza HutPinocchio199612pog-PI15-6 (New)
Pizza HutStand Outs19954pop-up-PI15-7 (New)
Red Rooster (RE14 New)Rescuers'S Down Under--sticker-RE14-1 (New)
Schweppes (SC10 New)"Holly" Dinosaurs - Kakadu-8card-SC10-1 (New)
Seven ElevenMega Motion Action cardsc19801+3D card-SE2-1
Seven ElevenAustralian Cricketersc1980153D card-SE2-2