General Foods

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Automobile Series 11960s48card - GE2-1
Football Competition (Pennant Cards)196724card - GE2-6.1
Football Game - Victoria Edition 196840card - GE2-6.2
Football Game - West Australia Edition 196824card - GE2-6.4 (NEW)
Football Game Posters- Victoria Edition 196812poster - GE2-13 (New)
Football Game - Victoria Edition 196940card - GE2-6.3
Football Game - West Australia Edition 19698card - GE2-6.5 (NEW)
Happy Holiday Game 196836card - GE2-7
International Sports 197022card - GE2-8
Jungle Book Pals - Red back 196816card - GE2-9.B
Jungle Book Pals - Blue back 196816card - GE2-9.C (New)
Jungle Book Pals - Black back (Oakleigh address) 196816card - GE2-9.A.1
Jungle Book Pals - Black back (No Oakleigh address) 196816card - GE2-9.A.2 (New)
Military Uniforms Thro' the Ages 1960s48card - GE2-2
Plastic Football Badges 1960s12badge - GE2-11 (New)
Play the Sun and Fun Game 19689+card - GE2-3
Space Age Series 11960s48card - GE2-4
The Flintstones - - tattoo - GE2-12 (New)
Walt Disney Series (Carnaval Candy Corn) 196924card - GE2-10