Griffiths Confectionery

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
A Simple Way to Keep Fit 196515card - GR9-18
Australian Cricketers 1920c12+badge none GR9-6
Australian Sportsmen 1920c1+card - GR9-8
Australian Racehorses 1920c50badge none GR9-1
Calendar Folder for 191019101calendar - GR9-21
Cameo Curiosities - Series 11935c60card - GR9-11.1
Cameo Curiosities - Series 21935c60card - GR9-11.2
Cricketers 1934-1935193412+card - GR9-12.1
Cricketers 1936193610+card - GR9-12.2
Cricketers 1937(a)193711+card - GR9-12.3.1
Cricketers 1937(b)193710+card - GR9-12.3.1
Cricketers 1938(a)19387+card - GR9-12.4.1
Cricketers 1938(b)19387+card - GR9-12.4.2
Football Series 1929216card - GR9-2
GTV 9 TV Personalities1965c15card - GR9-16
Have Fun with Tea Cup Reading - Series 1196415card - GR9-17.1
Have Fun with Tea Cup Reading - Series 2196515card - GR9-17.2
Motor Cars & Cycles 1920c151+card - GR9-3
Motor Car Radiators 1920c50badge none GR9-7
Postcards 1910c3+postcard none GR9-22
Railway Locomotives & Equipment 1920c75card - GR9-4
Recipe Cards - 1+cutout - GR9-23 (New)
VFL Pins - 1+badge - GR9-24 (New)