Hoadleys Confectionery

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
British Empire Kings and Queens 194850card - HO1-16
Cricketers (black front) 192833card - HO1-6
Cricketers (brown front) 193336card - HO1-7
Early Australian Series 193850card - HO1-17
Elephant Sectional Series - 72thin card - HO1-18
Empire Games and Test Teams 193250card - HO1-19
Gold Cup Mystery - 60card - HO1-20
Great War Leaders 1915c60card - HO1-1
Gulliver’s Travel 194032card - HO1-21
Jokes Illustrated 1906c60card - HO1-2
Loyalty Series 1920c50badge none HO1-3
Magic Tricks - 50card - HO1-24
Melbourne Buildings 1914c48card - HO1-4
Military Japs - 21wrapper - HO1-5
National Safety Council 193850card album HO1-25
Silent Film Stars 1924c9+card - HO1-8
Test Cricketers 193640card - HO1-26
Test Cricketers 193836card - HO1-27
The Birth of a Nation 193850card album HO1-15
Three Little Pigs - 12badge none HO1-5.5
Victorian Footballers 1933100card - HO1-28
Victorian League Footballers 1932108card - HO1-9.1
Victorian League Footballers 193450card - HO1-28
Victorian League Footballers 1935100card - HO1-22
Victorian League Footballers 193872card - HO1-23
Wild Birds - 48+card - HO1-10
Wild West Series 193850card - HO1-30
White Night 19806card - HO1-31 (New)