Kraft Cheese

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Agro - Free Watch Competition 1992-3sticker- KR2-4 (New)
Australian Butterflies Series 119986milk top - KR2-1.3 (New)
Australian Butterflies Series 220041milk top - KR2-1.4 (New)
Australian Flora 1980s5milk top - KR2-5 (New)
Australian Scenes Series 21980s5milk top - KR2-1.2 (New)
Bananas in Pyjamas 19841+sticker - KR2-6 (New)
Bmx 19841+sticker - KR2-7 (New)
Cross Cards 199310card - KR2-8 (New)
Cartoon Network 20018sticker - KR2-9 (New)
Cut-Out-Toys 1960s1cutout - KR2-10 (New)
Dig Its 19976+shrinky - KR2-12 (New)
Dig Its 19972+sticker - KR2-13 (New)
Dinosaurs 199412card - KR2-14 (New)
Dragonball Z 200210card - KR2-15 (New)
Magic Trick 198610card - KR2-16 (New)
Men in Black (Rectangles) 199815shrinky - KR2-17 (New)
Men in Black (Hexagon - large) 199815shrinky - KR2-18 (New)
Men in Black (Hexagon - small) 199815shrinky - KR2-19 (New)
Men in Black (Promo) 19981sticker - KR2-20 (New)
Music - Coon Slices - 4book label - KR2-21 (New)
Space Jam 199715shrinky album KR2-22 (New)
Spell & Win Prize Letters 1980s3+- - KR2-2
Tennis Series - 20card poster KR2-3
The Dinosaurs TV Series 19938card - KR2-23 (New)
The Tweenies 20025tattoo - KR2-24 (New)
Who Found Roger Rabbit (Calendar) 19971card - KR2-25 (New)
VFL Footballers - 72sticker KR2-26 (New)
World on Ice - Aladdin (Press out Card) 199712card - KR2-27 (New)
World on Ice - Aladdin (Competition Entry Card) 19972+card - KR2-28 (New)
World on Ice - Aladdin (Win Three Wishes Competition) 19971card - KR2-29 (New)