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CompanySet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
20th Century Fox (20C NEW)Lost in Space 1990s30card - 20C-1 (NEW)
3AW (3AW NEW)Bradman cinderella sticker - 1sticker - 3AW-1 (NEW)
3DB (3DB NEW)The Atlantic Showr - 1sticker - 3DB-1 (NEW)
3KZ (3KZ NEW)On 3KZ Follow - VFL Radio Card196512sticker - 3KZ-1 (NEW)
3LO (ABC Radio) (3LO NEW)Rod Mcgregor Radio Card 19301card - 3LO-1 (NEW)
3UZ (3UZ NEW)VFL Colours 196812sticker - 3UZ-1 (NEW)
3UZMiscellaneous Stickers - - sticker - 3UZ-2 (NEW)
3XY (3KY NEW)Dennis Hotel Anniversary - Vfl 1970s12sticker - 3KY-1 (NEW)
3XYMiscellaneous Stickers - - sticker none 3KY-2 (NEW)
3XYMore Music - Top Forty 196840poster none 3KY-3 (NEW)
4BC (4BC NEW)I'm a Brisbane Bears Supporter 19961card - 4BC-1 (NEW)
4BH (4BH NEW)Smurf Stickers - 1+sticker - 4BH-1 (NEW)
4IP 1010 (4BC NEW)Vinyl Record Shaped Stickers 1970s2+sticker - 4IP-1 (NEW)
5AD (5AD NEW)Miscellaneous Stickers - 1+sticker - 5AD-1 (NEW)
5DN 972 (5DN NEW)Fan Card Announcers 19871+card - 5DN-1 (NEW)
5DN 972The lively ones 19866+card - 5DN-2 (NEW)
6NR (6NR NEW)Perth's Voice In.... - 3+sticker - 6NR-1 (NEW)
6WF (6WF NEW)Carn The Eagles - 1sticker - 6WF-1 (NEW)
7HO (7HO NEW)Lucky Football Numbers (Winfield League, Tasmania) 1970s6sticker - 7HO-1 (NEW)
7 Up (7UP NEW)The Unusual - - sticker - 7UP-1 (NEW)
96FM Perth (96F NEW)West Coast Eagles (Cousins/Nickoski) 20071card - 96F-1 (NEW)
96FM PerthWanna Win WCE 20071card none 96F-2 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)ABC Concerts - 1+sticker - AB2-6 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Bananas in Pyjamas - - sticker- AB2-7 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Couch Potato - 1+sticker - AB2-8 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Countdown (with Hush) - 1+sticker - AB2-4
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Fan Cards: Radio & TV Presenters1980-8114+card- AB2-1
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Fan Cards: Fiftieth Anniversary198214+card- AB2-2
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Fan Cards: Fiftieth Anniversary19822+sticker - AB2-3
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Fan Cards: Radio Presenters-19+card- AB2-5-1
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Fan Cards: Sport Presenters-5+card- AB2-5-2
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Fan Cards: TV Presenters-3+card- AB2-5-3
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Helicopter - 1+sticker - AB2-9 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)NSW Rugby Football League19821folder-AB2-4
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Pat & Squiggle - 1+sticker - AB2-10 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Playschool - 1+sticker - AB2-11 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)Summer's Biggest Hit (Cricket) - 3+sticker - AB2-12 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)The Norman Gunston Show - 1+sticker - AB2-13 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)WNBL 20028card - AB2-14 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)XII Commonwealth Games 19822+sticker - AB2-15 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)XII Commonwealth Games 19821+sticker - AB2-16 (NEW)
ABC (Australian Brodcasting Commission)VFL Cartoons (ABC Radio/3LO 774)-6+sticker -AB2-6
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday Mail (AD1 NEW)Adelaide Crows 199324sticker - AD1-1 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailAdelaide Crows 199724sticker wall chart AD1-2 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailAdelaide Crows and Port Power 200180sticker - AD1-3 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailAdelaide Crows and Port Power 200282sticker album x 2AD1-4 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailAdelaide Crows and Port Power 2007112?sticker --
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailDinosaurs - 20cutout wall chart AD1-6 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailEndangered Species of the World 1997- sticker - AD1-7 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday Mailfooty-teams-album-1998199816card album AD1-8 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday Mailfooty-teams-album-1999199916card album AD1-9 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday Mailfooty-teams-album-2000200016card album AD1-10 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailOficial 2005 Collector Cards2005232card sticker AD1-11 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailOur Amazing Underwater World 1999- sticker - AD1-12 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailPort Power 199730sticker wall chart AD1-13 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday MailPort Power 200241sticker - AD1-14 (NEW)
Adelaide Advertiser/Sunday Mailwildlife album - 60sticker - AD1-15 (NEW)
Adelaide News (AD2 NEW)Cricketers 19335+supplement - AD2-1 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsCricketers 19344+supplement - AD2-2 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsCricketers 19363+supplement - AD2-3 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsEnglish Cricket Team 19321supplement - AD2-4 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsFilm Stars 193418+supplement - AD2-5 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsSA Footballers 19331+supplement - AD2-6 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsSA Footballers 19343+supplement - AD2-7 (NEW)
Adelaide NewsTennis Players 19332+supplement - AD2-8 (NEW)
Alhambra TheatreBlake of Scotland1928c1badge- AL1.5-1
Alhambra TheatreFilm Stars 1928c8+card - AL1.5-2 (New)
All Sport Magazine (AL9 NEW)VFL Coach Posters 19725+poster - AL9-1 (NEW)
All Sport MagazineVFL Posters 19746poster - AL9-2 (NEW)
All Sport MagazineVFL Roger Caricatures 197496poster - AL9-3 (NEW)
Arcadia PicturesThe Whistle1928s1postcard-AR1-1
ArgusAustralia vs England Cricket Test Series 195032+badge - AR4-11 (NEW)
ArgusAustralian Cricket Series 19381poster - AR4-12 (NEW)
ArgusFireside Game Cards 1956288card - -AR4-6 (NEW)
ArgusFootball Badges 195062badge - AR4-9 (NEW)
ArgusFootball Badges 1951102badge - AR4-10 (NEW)
ArgusFootball Swap Cards 1954144print - AR4-1
ArgusLearn Football from the Stars 195114print - AR4-3 (NEW)
ArgusPlayer Portraits 195115print - AR4-6 (NEW)
ArgusTeam Photos 194920print - AR4-7 (NEW)
ArgusTeam Photos 195018print - AR4-8 (NEW)
ArgusTeam Photos 195320print - AR4-2
ArgusTeam Photos 195416print - AR4-4 (NEW)
ArgusTeam Photos 195511print - AR4-5 (NEW)
Aussie Kids Magazine (AU7 NEW)Nicelodeon Book Stickers 1980s4+book label - AU7-1 (NEW)
Austar (AU8 NEW)Rugrats 2001c12sticker - AU8-1 (NEW)
Australian Boy (Periodical)Aeroplane Series 193045?card - AU1-1
Australian Financial (AU9 NEW)BHP Marine Life - 11print - AU9-1 (NEW)
Australian FinancialHistory of Bass Strait 197211print - AU9-2 (NEW)
Australian Post (Periodical) (AU10 NEW)Australia vs England 1950-51 Test Tour195020badge- ZT6-2-1
Australian Post (Periodical)Sporting Gallery 1946-51260?supplement - AU10-1 (NEW)
Barkly Theatre (Footscray)Film Stars (BA14 NEW)19232+card - BA14-1
Bentleigh Theatre (Victoria)The World's Greatest Serial - Tarzan the Mighty 1930c15black line drawing - BE5-1
Birch Carroll Coyle (BI19 NEW)Brisbane Broncos 199515pog - BA19-1 (NEW)
Black Dog Books (BL5 NEW)Cricket 20068card - BL5-1 (NEW)
Black Dog BooksFootball 20068card - BL5-2 (NEW)
Black Swan Theatre (BL6 NEW)Educating Rita 20031card - BL6-1 (NEW)
Blueroom Theatre (Perth) (BL7 NEW)Across Hellfire 20025card - BL7-1 (NEW)
Blueroom Theatre (Perth)Risky Lunar Love 20029card - BL7-2 (NEW)
Blues Union (Clothing) (BL8 NEW)Hoppers 1980s1sticker - BL8-1 (NEW)
Boomerang TV (BO11 NEW)Cartoon Network - 6sticker- BL11-1 (NEW)
Boys CinemaFilm Stars - 5+card - B08-1 & ZB8-5-1(3)
Brighton Theatre (Victoria)Film Scenes c19304+card - BR7-1
Brisbane T.V. Ltd. (BR16 NEW)Agro Sports 1993- sticker - BR16-1
Britannia TheatreEnglish Test Team in Australia 1936-37193614card - BR7.5-1
Broadcasting Company of Australia, VictoriaSports Stars 1920s9+postcard - BR9-1
Canberra Times (CA13 NEW)Canberra Wildlife - 64sticker album CA13-1 (NEW)
Canberra TimesWildlife Around Canberra - 64sticker album CA13-2 (NEW)
Channel 0 (CH12 NEW)Fan Cards - - card- CH12-1 (NEW)
Channel 0Funny Girl 19692+sticker - CH12-2 (NEW)
Channel 7 (CH13 NEW)Dot Competition - 1disk - CH13-1 (NEW)
Channel 7Fan Cards - - card- CH13-2 (NEW)
Channel 9 (CH14 NEW)Buck Rogers 198112stickers - CH14-1 (NEW)
Channel 9Fan Cards - - card - CH14-2 (NEW)
Channel 10Miscellaneous stickers - - stickers - CH14-3 (NEW)
Channel 11Rhumboid stickers 1970s1stickers - CH14-4 (NEW)
Channel 12Square stickers 1970s12stickers - CH14-5 (NEW)
Channel 10 (CH15 NEW)Fan Cards - - card - CH15-1 (NEW)
Channel 10Miscellaneous stickers - - stickers - CH15-2 (NEW)
Chuckler's WeeklyFilm And Recording Stars 1958195828card - CH9-1
Chuckler's WeeklyFilm And Recording Stars 1958/1959195820card - CH9-2 (NEW)
Chuckler's WeeklyFilm And Recording Stars 1959195930card - CH9-3 (NEW)
Chuckler's WeeklyFilm And Recording Stars 1960196014+card - CH9-4 (NEW)
Chuckler's WeeklySupplement Photos 196014+print - CH9-5 (NEW)
Claw's Magazine (CL7 NEW)Perth Wildcats 1989/19908poster - CL7-1 (NEW)
Comet Publishing (CO27 NEW)Stars of Australian Sport 193672sticker - CO27-1 (NEW)
Courier Mail (Brisbane) (CO28 NEW)Brisbane Broncos 2001112card album C028-1 (NEW)
Courier Mail (Brisbane)NRL Teams 199920card album C028-2 (NEW)
Courier Mail (Brisbane)Queensland Heroes of Sport 200284card album C028-3 (NEW)
Crown Central MailIllawara Hawks Basketball Team 198912card - CR5.8-1
Daily News (WA) (DA11 NEW)WANFL Teams 19798poster - DA11-1 (NEW)
Daily News (WA)WANFL Teams 19808poster - DA11-2 (NEW)
Daily News (WA)WANFL Teams 19838poster - DA11-3 (NEW)
Daily/SundayMirror (DA14 NEW)Cassius Clay 19801sticker -
Daily/SundayMirrorEarth from the Air - 1map - -
Daily/SundayMirrorFooty Fans 19903+sticker - -
Daily/SundayMirrorHeroes of the Socceroos 2006- card coin coin album? -
Daily/SundayMirrorLeague Heroes 199012sticker - -
Daily/SundayMirrorMilk Hero Swap Cards 197180card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 1999199920card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20002000169card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20012001246card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20022002- card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20022002- card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20032000256card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20042004255card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNRL 20082008- card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNSW Rugby Football League Teams 196612poster - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNSW Rugby Football League Teams 1967- poster - -
Daily/SundayMirrorNSW Rugby Players 196750card - -
Daily/SundayMirrorOur Favourite Pets - - sticker - -
Daily/SundayMirrorThe Wallabies 200375sticker album -
Daily/SundayMirrorRugby League Team Photos 196712supplement--
Daily/SundayMirrorRugby League196750stickeralbum -
Daily/SundayMirrorRugby League196886stickeralbum -
Daily Telegraph (DA12 NEW)Rugby League Team Photos 199821cardalbum DA12-1 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League Team Photos 199920cardalbum DA12-2 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2000166cardalbum DA12-3 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2001266cardDA12-4 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2002182 + Insertscard-DA12-5 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2002240card-DA12-6 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2003255card-DA12-7 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2004255card-DA12-8 (NEW)
Daily TelegraphRugby League2008240card-DA12-9 (NEW)
Dainty Novels (DA13 NEW)World Famous Liners 191210card - DA13-2 (NEW)
Deetya (Deadly Vibe) (DE6 NEW)Aboriginal Sports Stars 199872card - DE6-1 (NEW)
Disney Adventure Magazine (DI7 NEW)Tales of Narnia 200526sticker - DI7-1 (NEW)
Dreamworks (DR3 NEW)Bee Movie - 1+sticker - DR3-1 (NEW)
Eclipse TheatreFilm Scenes 1930c7+card - EC201
E.M.IRecording Groups & Stars 1960s11+card - EM-1-1
Empire Theatre (EM3 NEW)Film Stars 19283+card - EM3-1 (NEW)
Essendon TheatreThe World's Greatest Serial 'Tarzan the Mighty' 1930s15card - ES4-1
Everybody's Magazine (EV5 NEW)VFL 19681+poster - EV5-1 (NEW)
Family Circle (Magazine) (FA7 NEW)Cartoons - 2+transfer - FA7-1 (NEW)
Foxtel (FO8 NEW)Cartoon Network 2003c6card - FO8-1 (NEW)
FoxtelRugrats 2001c12sticker - FO8-2 (NEW)
Gaiety de LuxeThe Mystery Rider 1920s10card - GA2-1
Garden TheatreFilm Stars 1920s3+card - GA4-1
Gaumont (GA5 NEW)Film Stars - 50card - GA5-1 (NEW)
Geelong Advertiser (GE5 NEW)Geelong Cats 1997sticker - GE5-1 (NEW)
Glebe Theatre (Sydney) (GL7 NEW)Film Stars - 1+card - GL7-1 (NEW)
Globe TheatreBroadway Rose 1920s1+postcard - GL5-1(1)
Globe TheatreManslaughter 1920s1+cards - GL5-1(2)
Gold Coast Bulletin (GO11 NEW)NRL State of Origin 199940card - GO11-1 (NEW)
Greater Union Cinema (GR10 NEW)Blinky Bill 20154+card - GR10-1 (NEW)
Grand TheatreAir Mail Mystery 1930s12drawing - GR4-1
Grand TheatreFilm Stars 1930s15+card - GR4-2
Haymarket TheatreMovie Stars 1920c20card - HA5-1-1
Haymarket TheatreMovie Stars 1920c1+card - HA5-1-2
Herald Sun (HE7 NEW)AFL 2000- card album HE7-1 (NEW)
Herald SunAFL 2002130?sticker album HE7-2 (NEW)
Herald SunAFL 2003207?sticker wall chartHE7-2 (NEW)
Herald SunAFL Bumper Stickers 2011- sticker - HE7-3 (NEW)
Herald SunAFL Colourgrams 1992153D cardposter HE7-4 (NEW)
Herald SunAFL Team Photos 199716card album HE7-5 (NEW)
Herald SunAFL Team Photos 199916card album HE7-6 (NEW)
Herald SunARL Colourgrams 1992- 3D cardposter HE7-7 (NEW)
Herald SunAustralia Day Caricatures - - poster - HE7-8 (NEW)
Herald SunAustralian Wildlife - - sticker album HE7-9 (NEW)
Herald SunEndangered Species - - sticker album HE7-10 (NEW)
Herald SunMerit Awards - - supplement - HE7-11 (NEW)
Herald SunMonopoly - - game card - HE7-12 (NEW)
Herald SunWEG Posters poster - HE7-13 (NEW)
Hot Rod Magazine (HO10 NEW)Spec Sheet - - card - HO10-1 (NEW) & ZA12-4
HoytsCartoon Characters - 6paper - HO8-1.5
HoytsCatwoman 20055card - HO8-3 (NEW)
HoytsFilm Stars 1920s5+card - HO8-1
HoytsFilm Stars 1920s10+card - HO8-2
HoytsJumajni - 5pog - HO8-4 (NEW)
HoytsMen in Black 19971handbook - HO8-5 (NEW)
HoytsSupergirl 19841+card - HO8-6 (NEW)
Hurlstone Theatre (NSW) (HU5 NEW)Cricketers 1930s8+- - HU5-1 (NEW)
Illawarra Mercury (IL1 NEW)Starswap Cards 1991- card - IL1-1 (NEW)
Jeanie Matiland's (Stories)Portrait of Jeanie Matilands 19111card - JE2-1
Just Seventeen MagazineArtist's Illustrations 1970s8card - JU2-1
Leading Edge Video (LE9 NEW)Collect The Stars 1996- card - LE9-1 (NEW)
Lygon TheatreFilm Stars 1920s7+card - LY1.5-1
Lyric TheatreFilm Stars 1920s5+card - LY2-2
Lyric TheatreIn the days of Buffalo Bill 1920s1+card - LY2-3
Lyric TheatrePhoto Player Series 1920s3+card - LY2-1
Mad Magazine (MA16 NEW)Slogan stickers c198030sticker - MA16-1 (NEW)
Manly Daily (MA17 NEW)Captains 199116card - MA17-1 (NEW)
Marks Magazine (MA18 NEW)AFL Portraits 198825supplement - MA18-1 (NEW)
Marks MagazineFooty Marks 1988- supplement - MA18-2 (NEW)
Marrickville Union de LuxeAustralian Cricket Touring Team 1930s15card - MA8.1-1
Media Arts Corporation (ME5 NEW)Comedy Company 198916sticker - ME5-1 (NEW)
Melbourne Theatre Company (ME6 NEW)The Misanthrope 19999card - ME6-1 (NEW)
Melbourne Theatre CompanyCloser 1998- card - ME6-2 (NEW)
Members Equity Stadium (W.A.) (ME7 NEW)Sting 20091card - ME7-1 (NEW)
MMM FM 96.1 (W.A.) (MM2 NEW)Misc Stickers - - stickers - MM2-1 (NEW)
Motor News (Brisbane, QLD)Popular Speedway Kings 1930s15+card - MO12-1
Movieland Video Stores) (MO16 NEW)Flixpix 199712card - MO16-1 (NEW)
Movieland Video Stores)Flixpix 19984scratch card - MO16-2 (NEW)
National TheatreFilm Stars 1930s2+card - NA3-1
New Idea (Magazine) (NE17 NEW)Gallery of Famous Film Stars 193893+supplement - MO17-1 (NEW)
New Idea (Magazine)Ocean of Life 197611+book label - MO17-2 (NEW)
Odeon Theatre (OD1 NEW)Movie Stars 19649card - OD1-1 (NEW)
Olympic (Magazine) (OL1 NEW)Cricket Stars - 1+poster - OL1-1 (NEW)
Pal's Periodical (PA10 NEW)Australian Sportsmen 192327card - PA10-1 (NEW)
Pal's PeriodicalCinderella Stamps - 6+stamp - PA10-2 (NEW)
Pal's PeriodicalCricket (Supplement) - 3+supplement - PA10-3 (NEW)
Pal's PeriodicalFootball Caricatures - 2+supplement - PA10-4 (NEW)
Pal's PeriodicalVFL - 1+supplement - PA10-5 (NEW)
Oxford Theatre (Paddington, NSW) (OX1 NEW)Film Stars 1920s1?card - OX1-1 (NEW)
Parachute Press (Publishers) (PA9 NEW)Goosebumps (Postcards) 199657+postcard - PA9-1 (NEW)
Parachute Press (Publishers)Goosebumps (Stickers) 19969sticker - PA9-2 (NEW)
Paramount Theatre (NSW)Film Stars 1920s11+card - PA5-1
Power 94.9FM (PO10 NEW) (PO10 NEW)Miscellaneous stickers - 1+sticker - PO10-1 (NEW)
Regent Theatre (Gardiner, VIC) (RE13 NEW)Film Cards 1930c2+card - RE13-1 (NEW)
Renown TheatreTarzan the Mighty 1930s2drawing - RE8-1
Rialto and Olympic TheatreCricketers - 1+badge - RI1-1
Rivoli TheatreTarzan the Mighty 1928c15drawing - RI8-1
Robin Periodical (RO11 NEW)Animals - 6card - RE11-1 (NEW)
Roadshow Entertainment (RO12 NEW)Flight of the Navigator 19866sticker - RO12-1 (NEW)
Roadshow EntertainmentRamgang (Competition Card) 19951card - RO12-2 (NEW)
Rugby League Week (RU4 NEW)Rugby 1982- supplement - RU4-1 (NEW)
School Chums Magazine (Victorian Education Department) (SC9 NEW)Football Postcards 190512postcard - SC9-1 (NEW)
Smart Novels (SM9 NEW)Film Stars - 1+card - SM9-1 (NEW)
Smash Hits (Magazine) (SM10 NEW)Lousie Graber Art Pictures 1990c30thin card- SM10-1 (NEW)
Smash Hits (Magazine)Smash Hit Collection (1985)198548sticker - SM10-2 (NEW)
Smash Hits (Magazine)Smash Hit Collection (1986)1986- sticker - SM10-3 (NEW)
Smith's (Publishing, Sydney, NSW) (SM11 NEW)Refereee Supplement - 1+supplement - SM11-1 (NEW)
Southern Television (SO9 NEW)Humphrey Bear 19651+-- SO9-1 (NEW)
Southern Brighton Theatre (SO10 NEW)Movie Cards - 4+card - SO10-1 (NEW)
Sporting Life (Periodical) (SP8 NEW)Bathing Girls - 4+supplement - SP8-1 (NEW)
Sporting Life (Periodical)Cricketers - 1+supplement - SP8-2 (NEW)
Sporting Life (Periodical)Race Horses - 4+supplement - SP8-3 (NEW)
Sporting Gallery (Periodical) (SP9 NEW)VFL - 3+supplement - SP9-1 (NEW)
Sporting Gallery (Periodical)Cricket - 1+supplement - SP9-2 (NEW)
Sports Weekly (Periodical) (SP10 NEW)Sports Stars 199614card - SP10-1 (NEW)
Star Newspaper (ST12 NEW)Football Badges 1935c16+badge pin - ST12-1 (NEW)
St Kilda Palais (ST13 NEW)Movie Ball 193815+card - ST13-1 (NEW)
Sun HeraldNickelodeon 20051sticker - SU1.8-4 (NEW)
Sun HeraldRugby World Cup 200327card album SU1.8-3 (NEW)
Sun HeraldSuperstars of Rock 199030sticker - SU1.8-2
Sun HeraldSuperstars of Sport 199120card - SU1.8-1
Sunday Age (SU7 NEW)Club Logos 1990c- sticker - SU7-1 (NEW)
Sunday Independent (SU8 NEW)WAFL Club Posters 19758print - SU8-1 (NEW)
Sunday IndependentWAFL Club Posters 19818print - SU8-2 (NEW)
Sunday Mail (SU9 NEW)AFL Team Logos - 16sticker - SU9-1 (NEW)
Sunday MailBrisbane Broncos 198940card - SU9-2 (NEW)
Sunday MailBrisbane Broncos 2001112card - SU9-3 (NEW)
Sunday MailBrisbane Broncos 2003112card - SU9-4 (NEW)
Sunday MailBrisbane Broncos (Streets) 199022card - SU9-5 (NEW)
Sunday MailEndangered Creatures of the world 1997c98sticker album SU9-6 (NEW)
Sunday MailOur Amazing Undersdea World 199898sticker album SU9-7 (NEW)
Sunday MailQueensland Heroes of Sport - - card album SU9-8 (NEW)
Sunday MailWildlife Album - The world's Weirdest Creatures - 60sticker album SU9-9 (NEW)
Sunday MailWildlife Album - Water Creatures - 60sticker album SU9-10 (NEW)
Sunday Press (SU10 NEW)Grand Final Souvineer 19832+poster - SU10-1 (NEW)
Sunday SunBattleships of a Nation 1930s16cut-out - SU1.9-2 (NEW)
Sunday SunGreat Ocean Liners 1930s16cut-out - SU1.9-3 (NEW)
Sunday SunHot Rock - - sticker - SU1.9-4 (NEW)
Sunday SunTrains of the World 1930s16cut-out - SU1.9-5 (NEW)
Sunday SunVFL Commemorative Medals19892+coin-SU1.9-1
Sunday Times (SU12 NEW)AFL Team Photos 199716card - SU12-1 (NEW)
Sunday TimesAFL Team Photos 199816card - SU12-2 (NEW)
Sunday TimesAustralia Day 20041transfer - SU12-3 (NEW)
Sunday TimesDerby Day 20041transfer - SU12-4 (NEW)
Sunday TimesDinosaurs (Orbis) 199496card album SU12-5 (NEW)
Sunday TimesDonna Hay Favourites 2000c6card - SU12-6 (NEW)
Sunday TimesEndangered Species 1994143D cardalbum SU12-7 (NEW)
Sunday TimesEscape of the Dinosaurs 199328sticker poster SU12-8 (NEW)
Sunday TimesFremantle Dockers/West Coast 200190sticker poster SU12-9 (NEW)
Sunday TimesInternational Currency Collection 199613bank note album SU12-10 (NEW)
Sunday TimesLizard 1980s1+sticker - SU12-11 (NEW)
Sunday TimesMarty Readers Mart 1980s4sticker - SU12-12 (NEW)
Sunday TimesOur Amazing Undersea World 199898sticker album SU12-13 (NEW)
Sunday TimesPerth Wildcats 199212cut-out poster SU12-14 (NEW)
Sunday TimesPerth Wildcats 199312cut-out poster SU12-15 (NEW)
Sunday Timesstar-wars - 1poster - SU12-16 (NEW)
Sunday TimesWAFL Footy Stars 1980s8poster - SU12-17 (NEW)
Sunday TimesWest Coast Eagles Pin-Up 199124cut-out poster SU12-18 (NEW)
Sunday TimesWest Coast Eagles Pin-Up 199224cut-out poster SU12-19 (NEW)
Sunday TimesWestern Reds 19971sticker - SU12-20 (NEW)
Sunday TimesZoorassic 1997133D cardalbum SU12-21 (NEW)
Surf Coast Times (SU13 NEW)Surf Coast and Inland Plains Landcare Network Wildlife cards Series 120095card - SU13-1 (NEW)
Sydney Mail (SY3 NEW)Australian Cricket 193016supplement - SY3-1 (NEW)
Sydney MailBodyline Series 193216supplement - SY3-2 (NEW)
Sydney Morning Herald (SY3 NEW)Cricketers 20088supplement - SY4-1 (NEW)
Teenagers' Weekly (TE3 NEW)VFL - - supplement - TE3-1 (NEW)
Telegraph Mirror (TE4 NEW)Royal Family Tree - 28sticker - TE4-1 (NEW)
Telegraph MirrorState of Origin - - sticker - TE4-2 (NEW)
Telegraph MirrorWarren - 8+book label - TE4-3 (NEW)
The Age (TH4 NEW)Living Country 1990s16sticker - TH4-1 (NEW)
The Beam (TH5 NEW)Great Australian Trotting Horses - 8suplement - TH5-1 (NEW)
The Herald (TH6 NEW)Weg Premiers - - poster - TH6-1 (NEW)
The HeraldVFL Captains 1964- patch - TH6-2 (NEW)
The HeraldVFL Sketches 19651+supplement - TH6-3 (NEW)
The Independent (TH7 NEW)Footballer of the Year 19801poster - TH7-1 (NEW)
The Mercury (Tasmania) (TH8 NEW)AFL Team Photos 199816card album TH8-1 (NEW)
The Mercury (Tasmania)AFL Team Photos 199916card album TH8-2 (NEW)
The Mercury (Tasmania)AFL Team Photos 200016card album TH8-3 (NEW)
The Mercury (Tasmania)Captain's Card 1965- card album TH8-4 (NEW)
The Morning Bulletin (TH9 NEW)Staff Stickers - 2+sticker - TH9-1 (NEW)
The News (South Australia) (TH10 NEW)Captains (SANFL) 19334+supplement - TH10-1 (NEW)
The News (South Australia)Cricketers 1933- supplement - TH10-2 (NEW)
The News (South Australia)Cricketers 1934- supplement - TH10-3 (NEW)
The News (South Australia)Cricketers 1936- supplement - TH10-4 (NEW)
The News (South Australia)SAFL Team Photos 193410supplement - TH10-5 (NEW)
The News (South Australia)SAFL Team Photos 197310supplement - TH10-6 (NEW)
The News Co-op (Building Society) (TH11 NEW)The Unbeatable Teams 33m1+sticker - TH11-1 (NEW)
The Sun (TH12 NEW)Advertising Poster 1980s2+poster - TH12-1 (NEW)
The SunTeam Photos 196712supplement- TH12-2 (NEW)
The Sydney Referee (TH13 NEW)Ashes Tour Posters-3+supplement-TH13-1 (NEW)
The Truth (TH14 NEW)Truth Gold Cazaly Winner 19771poster - TH14-1 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A) (TH15 NEW)Australia Day 20071transfer - TH15-1 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Derby Commemorative Photo 20052card - TH15-2 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Derby Dream 19991poster - TH15-3 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Eagles Snapshot - 1poster - TH15-4 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Fremantle Dockers - 4poster - TH15-5 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Hero Posters 200030poster - TH15-6 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Hero Posters 200224poster - TH15-7 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Hero Posters - 8poster - TH15-8 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)John Todd Book Flier 20101book mark - TH15-9 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Temporary Tattoos 20052tattoo sheets - TH15-10 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)WAFL Grand Final 20121poster - TH15-11 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)West Coast Eagles 19921poster - TH15-12 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)West Coast Eagles Contest Card - 1card - TH15-13 (NEW)
The West Australian (W.A)Western Force 20061tattoo - TH15-14 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA) (TH16 NEW)Animals Of The Zoo 193240supplement - TH16-1 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)Flowers of WA 1933-35- supplement - TH16-2 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)Native Australian Animals 1929/3044supplement - TH16-3 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)Noxious Weeds 193031supplement - TH16-4 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)popular-roses 19344+supplement - TH16-5 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)Star Players 19873+supplement - TH16-6 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)The Poisonous Plants Of South-Western Australia 1935-3731+supplement - TH16-7 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL 19318supplement - TH16-8 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL 19348supplement - TH16-9 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL Finalists 19642supplement - TH16-10 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL Finalists 19652supplement - TH16-11 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL Finalists 19722supplement - TH16-12 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL Finalists 19732supplement - TH16-13 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WAFL Finalists 19752supplement - TH16-14 (NEW)
The Western Mail (WA)WANFL 19328supplement - TH16-15 (NEW)
Thorn/EMI (Entertainment) (TH17 NEW)Slim Dusty (The movie) - 1card - TH17-1 (NEW)
Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane, QLD) (TI18 NEW)xxxx - - - - TI18-1 (NEW)
TV Hits (TV3 NEW)Celebrity Swap Cards - 36card - TV3-1 (NEW)
TV HitsCollect a Card 1990s- cut-out - TV3-2 (NEW)
TV HitsGallery of Hunks 1991- card - TV3-3 (NEW)
TV HitsStar Cards - 1st Series1991- card - TV3-4 (NEW)
TV HitsTV Hits (Large) 1991- card - TV3-5 (NEW)
TV Times (TV4 NEW)Star Wars - - poster - TV4-1 (NEW)
TV Week (TV5 NEW)3D Viewer- 1viewer - TV5-1 (NEW)
TV WeekAll time Classic Collection 199532card album TV5-2 (NEW)
TV WeekAustralian Cricket Teams (1982, 1983, 1984)1982-19843poster - TV5-3 (NEW)
TV WeekCollector Cards 199424card album TV5-4 (NEW)
TV WeekGladiators 200915card - TV5-5 (NEW)
TV WeekKiss Giant Pin-up 19801+suplement - TV5-6 (NEW)
TV WeekKiss Super Bonus 19801+suplement - TV5-7 (NEW)
TV WeekKiss TV Week Portrait 19812+suplement - TV5-8 (NEW)
TV WeekPersonal Pictures - 24card - TV5-9 (NEW)
TV WeekStar Wars Trilogy 19974card - TV5-10 (NEW)
Universal City StudiosLegal Eagles - 19864+card UN3.8-1
Universal PicturesTarzan - 3+card - UN4-3
Universal PicturesThe Air Mail Mystery - 12card - UN4-1
Warner BrosChiller Thrillers 1980s11card - WA8.5-1
Warner BrosGold Coast Competition 19973Pog - WA8.5-2 (NEW)
Warner BrosThe Searchers - 1+card - WA8.5-3 (NEW)
Weekend Magazine (W.A.) (WE10 NEW)WAFL Players 196621+suplement - WE10-1 (NEW)
Weekend Magazine (W.A.)WAFL Players 196724+suplement - WE10-2 (NEW)
Weekend Magazine (W.A.)WAFL Players 196824+suplement - WE10-3 (NEW)
Weekend Magazine (W.A.)WAFL Players 196924+suplement - WE10-4 (NEW)
Weekly Times (VIC)Victorian Footballers 1909-191543+postcard - WE2-1
Wireless WeeklyCricketers 193611+supplement - WI6-3 (NEW)
Wireless WeeklyGeneral Interest Series 193511+supplement - WI6-2
Wireless WeeklyRoyalty19352+supplement - WI6-1
Women's Day (WO5 NEW)VFL Teams - 1+supplement - WO5-1 (NEW)
Women's Weekly (WO6 NEW)AFL Liftout 19981supplement - WO6-1 (NEW)
Women's WeeklyBack to School 19846book label - WO6-2 (NEW)
Women's WeeklyKellogg's Transfers 19751+iron-on - WO6-3 (NEW)
Women's WeeklyKiss, the Rock Group 19801+poster - WO6-4 (NEW)
Women's WeeklyMonsters Inc. 2000c10book label - WO6-5 (NEW)
Women's WeeklyPokemon 200010book label - WO6-6 (NEW)
Women's WeeklySally Weekly 19591+cutout - WO6-7 (NEW)
Women's WeeklySchool Book Labels 198220book label - WO6-8 (NEW)
Women's WeeklySteven Stretch - 1+card - WO6-9 (NEW)