Modern Packet Types

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CompanySet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Dynamic MarketingAFL 1994-card -DY4-7 (New)
Dynamic MarketingAttack of the Dinosaurs 199136sticker album DY4-1
Dynamic MarketingBatman Forever 1995-card album DY4-9 (New)
Dynamic MarketingBatman Returns 1992-card album DY4-2
Dynamic MarketingBatman the Animated Series 199390sticker album DY4-10 (New)
Dynamic MarketingDisney Adventures 1993100card album DY4-11 (New)
Dynamic MarketingDisney Classics (Cards) 1992150card album DY4-3.1
Dynamic MarketingDisney Classics (Stickers) 199220sticker -DY4-3.2
Dynamic MarketingDisney Favourites -44sticker poster DY4-12 (New)
Dynamic MarketingEscape of the Dinosaurs 199360card album DY4-13 (New)
Dynamic MarketingJurassic Park 1992110card album DY4-14 (New)
Dynamic MarketingNRL Footy Fun 1997-card -DY4-15 (New)
Dynamic MarketingNRL Footy Point 1994-card -DY4-16 (New)
Dynamic MarketingNRL Sensation 1994-card -DY4-17 (New)
Dynamic MarketingNRL Series 11995-card -DY4-18 (New)
Dynamic MarketingNRL Series 21995card -DY4-26 (New)
Dynamic MarketingQLD State of Origin 1992119sticker poster DY4-19 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Series 1)1994220 + Insertscard-DY4-26 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Series 2)1994220 + Insertscard-DY4-27 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Masters)1994110 + Insertscard-DY4-28 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League199460card-DY4-29 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Series 1)1995220 + Insertscard-DY4-30 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Winfield Cup Tribute)1995110 + Insertscard-DY4-31 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Series 2)1995220 + Insertscard-DY4-32 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Series 1)1996180 + Insertscard-DY4-33 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Series 2)1996200 + Insertscard-DY4-34 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (State of Origin)1994220 + Insertsstamp-DY4-35 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Signature Gold)199690 + Insertscard-DY4-36 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Fatty’s Footy Fun)1997100 + Insertscard-DY4-37 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRugby League (Super League)199719card-DY4-38 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRamgang Software 19959card -DY4-20 (New)
Dynamic MarketingRen and Stimpy 1995110card -DY4-21 (New)
Dynamic MarketingSuper Mario Bros. 1995-card album DY4-22 (New)
Dynamic MarketingThe Flintstones and Friends -22sticker poster DY4-23 (New)
Dynamic MarketingThe Magic of Disney (Cinema) -20card poster DY4-6.2
Dynamic MarketingThe Magic of Disney (Ears) 199942sticker poster DY4-6.1
Dynamic MarketingThe Magic of Disney (Funny Phrases) -20sticker -DY4-6.3
Dynamic MarketingThe Phantom Series 11994110card album DY4-24 (New)
Dynamic MarketingThe Phantom Series 21994110card album DY4-25 (New)
Elite Sports Properties (EL3 NEW)AFL 2004204?sticker -EL4-1
Elite Sports PropertiesAFL 2005150?sticker -EL4-2
Elite Sports PropertiesAFL 2006206?sticker -EL4-3
Futeraxxxx -----
IntrepidSuper League Inaugural Collector Card Series 119961card --
ReginaAFL1992176card -RE3.8-4-3
ReginaNSW Rugby League1992176card -RE3.8-4-2
ReginaNSW Rugby League1993174card -RE3.8-6-2
Select (SE4 NEW)AFL 1990260?sticker albumalbum SE4-1 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1991260?sticker albumalbum SE4-2 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1992260?sticker albumalbum SE4-3 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1993272?sticker albumalbum SE4-4 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1994272?sticker albumalbum SE4-5 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1995272?sticker albumalbum SE4-6 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1996248?sticker albumalbum SE4-7 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1997248?sticker albumalbum SE4-8 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1998310?sticker albumalbum SE4-9 (NEW)
SelectAFL 1999304?sticker albumalbum SE4-10 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2000350?sticker albumalbum SE4-11 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2001240?sticker albumalbum SE4-12 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2002248?sticker albumalbum SE4-13 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2003310?sticker albumalbum SE4-14 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2004304?sticker albumalbum SE4-15 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2005246?sticker albumalbum SE4-16 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2008386?sticker albumalbum SE4-17 (NEW)
SelectAFL 2009290?sticker albumalbum SE4-18 (NEW)
SelectRugby League1992260sticker albumalbum SE4-19 (NEW)
SelectRugby League1993258sticker albumalbum SE4-20 (NEW)
SelectRugby League1994258sticker albumalbum SE4-21 (NEW)
SelectRugby League2000121 + Insertscard-SE4-22 (NEW)
SelectRugby League2001160 + Insertscard-SE4-23 (NEW)
SelectRugby League2003181 + Insertscard-SE4-24 (NEW)
SelectRugby League2004181 + Insertscard-SE4-25 (NEW)
SelectRugby League2005181 + Insertscard-SE4-26 (NEW)
SelectRugby League (Accolade)2006152 + Insertscard-SE4-27 (NEW)
SelectRugby League (Invincible)2006182 + Insertscard-SE4-28 (NEW)
SelectRugby League (Champions)2007195 + Insertscard-SE4-29 (NEW)
SelectRugby League (Invincible)2007195 + Insertscard-SE4-30 (NEW)
SelectRugby League (Champions)2008195 + Insertscard-SE4-31 (NEW)
SelectRugby League (Centenary)2008199 + Insertscard-SE4-32 (NEW)
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