Nabisco Cereal

Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
21st Birthday Jackpot19811card - NA2-45
A Guide To Better Nutrition & Home Economy 19766booklet - NA2-21
A-Team 198312sticker - NA2-51
Action Magazine Comic Covers 1988- NA2-69 (New)
Amazing Australian Records from the Guiness Book of Records 19884cutout - NA2-25
Animal Crackers 1979- - - ZJ12-16
Animolds - 1cutout - NA2-70 (New)
Australian Aerobics - 5booklet - NA2-52
Australia's Animal Wealth 196860card album NA2-1
Barbie Match Up and Win - 6sticker - NA2-71 (New)
Batman 196840card - NA2-26
Blue Fin 197812card - NA2-27
British Soldiers 197112- cutout NA2-72 (New)
Build a Fleet of TAA Planes 19651+cutout - NA2-73 (New)
Butterflies of Australia 196530card album NA2-2
Chartbuster Record Offer 19846shrinky - NA2-53
Cheer Champs (with BP) 198420sticker - NA2-54
Coins of Australia 196530card album NA2-3
Conquest of the Air 196842card album NA2-4
Count Down 198211card - NA2-102 (New)
Crazy Critters 197510sticker - NA2-103 (New)
Creepy Monsters 197024card - NA2-28
Crests of the World 197020transfer none NA2-29
Daily Physical Education - 8iron-on - NA2-74 (New)
Dance Crazy Guides (Breakdance) 19858booklet - NA2-55
Disney 'Do it yourself 1977- iron on - ZJ12-17
Exciting Stories of the First Australians 196430card album NA2-5
Explore Australia with Pioneer Tours 196424card wall chart NA2-6
Explore India 197024card wall chart NA2-7
Explorers and their Ships 196830card album NA2-8
Farm Game - 1+cutout - NA2-75 (New)
Football Game 1960s1+cutout - NA2-104 (New)
Great Australian Losers 197711+card - ZJ12-34
Grand Joust - - cutout - NA2-76 (New)
Hells Little Angels 197610card - NA2-31
Highlights of Australian History (1606-1919)196460card album NA2-10
Home & Away 19898card - NA2-56
Home Herb Garden - 1+cutout - NA2-32
Hooty Toots - 1+cutout - NA2-77 (New)
Iron on Super Signs 19751+transfer - ZJ12-18
Japan - Source of the Sun 197224card - NA2-12
Jungle Book 196924card - NA2-33
Kids Revolution 19755+sticker - NA2-78 (New)
Kiss 19808sticker - ZJ12-41-1
Knutty Knights 197513sticker - NA2-34
Life Be In It (Cards) 198110card - NA2-35.2
Life Be In It (Shrinkies) 198112shrinky - NA2-35.1
Machine Men 196610voucher/card - NA2-58
Mad Military Patches 197513+linen - ZS9-3-1
Magazine Covers 19884+cutout - NA2-68
Magic Flute - 1+cutout - NA2-79 (New)
Master's of the Universe 19836sticker - NA2-59
Military Decorations & Medals 196645card album NA2-13
Mr. Men - 4+shrinky - NA2-80 (New)
Music, Match Scrape & Win - 12- - NA2-61
National Australian Aerobic Championship - 5booklet - NA2-81 (New)
New Guinea - The Last Frontier 197124card - NA2-14
Noah's Ark 19651+cutout - NA2-82 (New)
Olivia 19848shrinky - NA2-62
Our World - Yesterday & Today 197024card - NA2-15
Pac-Man Doublies 19838card - NA2-83 (New)
Pac-Man (Scratch Game) 19838scratch card - NA2-63
Pat Cash - Big Serve In Tennis - 10scratch card - NA2-84 (New)
Physical Education Guides - 9booklet - NA2-64
Play 'N' Score 19796card - NA2-37
Popswaps 197512card - NA2-38
Professor Von Munchs Mindbender 198712card - NA2-65
Project Kit - Australian Parliament 197316leaflet - NA2-22.1
Project Kit - Famous Australians: The Developers197516leaflet - NA2-22.2
Project Kit - Famous Australians: The Pioneers197416leaflet - NA2-22.3
Project Kit - The Gold Rush197316leaflet - NA2-22.4
Puggles - Book Labels 19848+card - NA2-105 (New)
Puggles - Empty Captions 19844+card - NA2-85 (New)
Puggles - Page Reinforcements 19844+card - NA2-86 (New)
Puggles - Index Tabs 19843+card - NA2-87 (New)
Ride the Western Trail 119721+cutout - NA2-88 (New)
Rock Swaps 197810card - NA2-39
Rugged Rigs 198012card - NA2-40
Skate Board Stickers 197622+sticker - NA2-89 (New)
Sleeping Beauty - 1+cutout - NA2-90 (New)
Smurf Doublies 19806sticker - NA2-41
Smurf Letrasets 19806letraset - NA2-91 (New)
Smurf Shrinkies 19808shrinky - NA2-92 (New)
Spanish Comic Cut Outs ??1960s1+cutout - -
Spider Man Studies 198215shrinky - ZT8-4-3
Sport Billy (Shrinky) 198215shrinky - NA2-66.1
Sport Billy (Patch) 19823+patch - NA2-66.2 (New)
Star Wars 197810poster - NA2-42
Star Wars 19781cutout - NA2-93 (New)
Stickeroos - - - ZJ12-19
Stitch Em Patches 1975- linen - ZS9-3-2
Storycards - 10card - NA2-94 (New)
Stompers - 12shrinky - NA2-67
Super Door Signs (Series 1)197512card - ZJ9-26.1
Super Door Signs (Series 2)197512card - ZJ9-26.2
Super Elicks (The Hulk & Spiderman) 19812plastic - NA2-43.2.2
Super Glowies 19815sticker - NA2-43.2.3
Super Heroes 197510poster - NA2-43.1
Super Heroes (Wonderwoman) 1+card - NA2-95 (New)
Super Tracers 19815plastic - NA2-43.2.4
Super Signs 197516iron-on - NA2-96 (New)
Storycards - 10card - NA2-97 (New)
TAA 1+cutout - NA2-90 (New)
Talking Library of Australia's History 197124card album NA2-18
Tattoons 19789transfer - ZJ12.30
The Black Hole 19805+shrinky - ZT8-4-1
The Flintstones 196740card - NA2-30
The Good Oil - BHP 197224card - NA2-9
The Greatest Show on Earth - 1+cutout - NA2-98 (New)
The Monster Brutes Family 197610card - NA2-36
The Ten Tennis Commandments - 10card - NA2-99 (New)
Transfers 198122+transfer - ZJ12.29
United Nations in Action 196924card wall chart NA2-17
Vintage & Veteran Model Cards - 8card - NA2-100 (New)
VII British Empire & Commonwealth Games 196225card album NA2-16
Walt Disney - Peter Pan 197318card - NA2-46.2
Walt Disney - Pinocchio 197216card - NA2-46.3
Walt Disney - Robin Hood 197512card - NA2-46.4
Walt Disney - The Aristocats 197224card - NA2-46.1
Young Heroes And Heroines 196330card album NA2-101 (New)