Oil & Petroleum

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CompanySet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Amoco (AM5 NEW)Currency Converter 19661card - AM5-1
AmocoMiscellaneous Stickers 1970s1+- - AM5-2
AmocoRobo Car Wash 1970s4+sticker - AM5-3
AmocoRobo Treasure Chest 1970s1+- - AM5-4
AmpolBeat the World Record 19921+card - AM4-3
AmpolCars of 1957195732card - AM4-2
AmpolCars of Today 195824card - AM4-1
AmpolFlags - 1+sticker - AM4-4 (NEW)
AmpolFlags - 1+transfer - AM4-5 (NEW)
AmpolI'm an Ampol Fan 197512sticker - AM4-6 (NEW)
AmpolI'm an Ampol Fan - Rugby League 197512sticker - AM4-7 (NEW)
AmpolI'm an Ampol Fan - VFL 197512sticker - AM4-8 (NEW)
AmpolJolly Swagman 1970s1+transfer - AM4-9 (NEW)
AmpolNew Year Drag Series - Surfers Paradise 19791sticker - AM4-10 (NEW)
AmpolNothing Matches Boron - 1+sticker - AM4-11 (NEW)
AmpolNRL Mascot Stickers 197512sticker - AM4-12 (NEW)
AmpolRoad Pantry - Rugby League - 1+- - AM4-13 (NEW)
AmpolStamps of the World 1970s12stamp album AM4-14 (NEW)
AmpolVFL - Circular stickers 1970s12- - AM4-15 (NEW)
AmpolVFL Approved 197512sticker - AM4-16 (NEW)
AmpolVFL Champions 196812card - AM4-17 (NEW)
AmpolVFL Mascot Stickers 197412sticker - AM4-18 (NEW)
AmpolWe Follow ... on Ampol - VFL 196512sticker - AM4-19 (NEW)
AmpolWest Coast Eagles 19912+card - AM4-20 (NEW)
AtlanticAustralia In 20th Century Series 1195832card - AT2-1
AtlanticAustralia In 20th Century Series 2195932card - AT2-2
AtlanticAustralian Historical Series 1960c64card - AT2-3
AtlanticConquest of the Air 195864card - AT2-4
AtlanticEnglish Historical Series 1960c32card - AT2-5
AtlanticFilm Stars 195832card - AT2-6
AtlanticQueensland Centenary 195932card - AT2-7
AtlanticRacing Cars 195864card - AT2-8
AtlanticVictorian League Stars 1958128card - AT2-9
BPAmerica's Cup And Sunshine Friends 198624card - BP1-10 (NEW)
BPArmy Tattoo 8819881card - BP1-11 (NEW)
BPAustralian Sports Car Championship 19731+card - BP1-12 (NEW)
BPCaptain Cook Bicentenial - 1transfer - BP1-13 (NEW)
BPClassic Car Prints 1970c10print - BP1-1
BPCoal Australia 19762sticker - BP1-14 (NEW)
BPCoal Northern Area - Monthly Safety Award 19761sticker - BP1-15 (NEW)
BPInternational Tennis 19935sticker - BP1-16 (NEW)
BPKakadu Safari Game 19916sticker wall chart BP1-7
BPMallee Rally 19811- - BP1-17 (NEW)
BPMen in Black 19971card - BP1-18 (NEW)
BPMentos Mint - Win a Car Competition 19991card - BP1-19 (NEW)
BPMotor Racing Flag - 1+sticker - BP1-20 (NEW)
BPNewcastle Knights 199120card - BP1-21 (NEW)
BPPick-a-Box Family Quiz Folders - 6card - BP1-2
BPPocohontas - 6sticker - BP1-22 (NEW)
BPShipping Lines Served by BP - 1+- - BP1-4
BPSmurf (Shrinkies) 1980- shrinky - BP1-23 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (Blue Borders) 19805+sticker - BP1-24 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (Book Labels) 19793+sticker - BP1-25 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (Doublies) 19814+sticker - BP1-26 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (General - Medium) 19801+sticker - BP1-27 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (General - Small) 19806+card - BP1-28 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (Press Outs) 19794+sticker - BP1-29 (NEW)
BPSmurfs (Safety Card Game) 198110+card - BP1-8
BPSoccer 1975c7+transfer - BP1-30 (NEW)
BPSouvenir Photograph (Footscray) 19731+- - BP1-31 (NEW)
BPSpotto Puzzle Cards - 4+- - BP1-32 (NEW)
BPSunshine Friend (Lucky Dip) 19866plastic card - BP1-9-1 (NEW)
BPSunshine Friends (Iron Ons) 19863+iron-on - BP1-9-2 (NEW)
BPSunshine Friends (Name Tags) 19865plastic card - BP1-9-3 (NEW)
BPSunshine Friends (Square Transfers) 19864+transfer - BP1-9-4 (NEW)
BPSunshine Friends (Talking Card Game) 19866plastic card - BP1-9-5 (NEW)
BPSuper Heroes (Book Label) - 1+book-label - BP1-33 (NEW)
BPSuper Mix - 1+sticker - BP1-34 (NEW)
BPTennis 19836sticker - BP1-34 (NEW)
BPThe Monte Carlo International Circus Spectacular 19801card - BP1-3
BPThree by Three Puzzle - 1+card - BP1-5
BPVFL Flags 196512sticker - BP1-36 (NEW)
BPWAFL - (Sunday Times set) 198556card - BP1-37 (NEW)
BPWANFL 1965c8sticker - BP1-38 (NEW)
BPWorld Famous BP Drivers 19582+- - BP1-6
Caltex2KA (SANFL)- 10transfer - CA6-10
Caltex4BC CX3 - Rugby League1980c8+sticker - CA6-11
CaltexAustralian International Veteran & Vintage Motor Rally--calendar card-CA6-1
CaltexBoron Blend Blotter -1+sticker - CA6-9-2
CaltexConservation Week -1+sticker - CA6-9-1
CaltexHistoric Scenic Views 1970s10A3 card- CA6-2
CaltexRally Car Series - "Great Race Successes" - 10card - CA6-12
CaltexScenic Views 1970s9A3 card- CA6-13
CaltexStar Cash 20021game-card - CA6-14
CaltexStargazer (Haley's Comet) 19866card - CA6-8
CaltexVFL Flags (De Neefe) - 12sticker - CA6-15
CaltexVFL Stickers (Printed in Ballarat) 195812card - CA6-16
CaltexWe Follow..... - - sticker - CA6-17
CaltexWe Follow....SANFL 1970s10sticker - CA6-18
CaltexWin a Year on Easy Street - 1game-card - CA6-19
CastrolMiscellaneous stickers 1970s4+sticker - CA10-1
CastrolVFL We Follow - 12sticker - CA10-1
EssoAustralia's Greatest Mineral Discoveries 197118card - ES6-1
EssoOil Drop (head) 1965c4+sticker - ES6-2
EssoPlastic Coins 195657coin - ES6-3
EssoPut a Tiger in your Tank - 2+transfer - ES6-4
EssoTiger Mask 1970s1+card - ES6-5
EssoVFL 1970s12sticker - ES6-6
EssoWAFL 1970s8sticker - ES6-7
Golden FleeceAdvertising Card 1970s1+card - GO4-2
Golden FleeceAustralian Football Greats 1960s36card album GO4-3
Golden FleeceAustralian Forces Uniform - - - - GO4-1-1.1
Golden FleeceCalendar 19671card - GO4-4
Golden FleeceCars of Today 1960s36card album GO4-1-1.3
Golden FleeceI like .. and active 8 SANFL196510sticker - GO4-5
Golden FleeceI like .. and active 8 TFL19656sticker - GO4-6
Golden FleeceI like .. and active 8 VFL196512sticker - GO4-7
Golden FleeceI like .. and active 8 WAFL19658sticker - GO4-8
Golden FleeceI like .. and WAFL... 19658sticker - GO4-9
Golden FleeceI like .. and... NRL 1965- - - GO4-10
Golden FleeceI like .. and... SANFL 196510sticker - GO4-11
Golden FleeceI like... SANFL 196510sticker - GO4-12
Golden FleeceIv'e got the Spirit - 4sticker - GO4-213
Golden FleeceLet's Go T.V. Contest 19651card - GO4-14
Golden FleeceMiscellaeous Stickers - - sticker - GO4-15
Golden FleecePedigree Dogs 1960s36card album GO4-1-1.2
Golden FleeceReturn of the Jedi 19836+sticker poster GO4-16
Golden FleeceSwap Cards- Blue Set 1960s24card - GO4-1-2.1
Golden FleeceSwap Cards- Green Set 1960s24card - GO4-1-2.2
Golden FleeceSwap Cards- Tan Set 1960s24card - GO4-1-2.3
Golden FleeceVFL ...and Kookaburra Underwear - 11+card - GO4-17
Gull Petrol (GU1 NEW)Docker for a Day 20031scratch card - GU1-1
Gull Petrol(NRL) A Go-go.... - 1+sticker - GU1-2
Gull Petrol(NRL) From.... - 1+sticker - GU1-3
Gull Petrol(NRL) I'm a Fan.... - 1+sticker - GU1-4
Gull Petrol(NRL) This is .... Territory - 1+sticker - GU1-5
MobilAdelaide 36ers19913+card - MO1-9
MobilDrive Safely 1960s1sticker - MO1-10
MobilFollow on Mobil Special (SANFL) 196610sticker - MO1-11
MobilFollow on Mobil Special (Soccer) 1960s12+sticker - MO1-12
MobilFollow on Mobil Special (VFL) 1960s12sticker - MO1-13
MobilFollow on Mobilgas (NRL) 1960ssticker - MO1-14
MobilFollow on Mobilgas (VFL) 1960ssticker - MO1-15
MobilFollow on Mobilgas (WAFL) 1960ssticker - MO1-16
MobilFollow on Mobilgas Special (SANFL) 1960s10sticker - MO1-17
MobilFollow on Mobilgas Special (TAS) 1960ssticker - MO1-18
MobilFollow on Mobilgas Special (VFL) 1960s12sticker - MO1-19
MobilFollow on Mobilgas Special (WAFL) 1960s8sticker - MO1-20
Mobilfollow-on-3ha-vfl1960s1sticker - MO1-21
MobilFootball Photos - SA 196440card album MO1-1-1
MobilFootball Photos - SA 196540card album MO1-2-1
MobilFootball Photos - SA 197140card album MO1-4-2
MobilFootball Photos - VIC 196440card album MO1-1-2
MobilFootball Photos - VIC 196540card album MO1-2-2
MobilFootball Photos - VIC 196640card album MO1-3
MobilFootball Photos - VIC 197140card album MO1-4-3
MobilFootball Photos - WA 196440card album MO1-1.3
MobilFootball Photos - WA 196540card album MO1-2-3
MobilFootball Photos -WA 197140card album MO1-4-4
MobilHurrah for...(NRL) 1960s- sticker - MO1-22
MobilI'm From Channel 9 Territory (SANFL)1960s10sticker - MO1-23
MobilLeague Photos - NSW (General issue) 197140card album MO1-5-2
MobilLeague Photos - NSW (Newcastle issue) 197140card album MO1-5-1
MobilLeague Photos - QLD 197140card album MO1-4-1
MobilMobil 1 Racing1990c6+card - MO1-24
MobilMobil Milestones - 2+magnet card - MO1-25
MobilMovie Stars (On the Beach) 1959c6+card - MO1-8-1
MobilMovie Stars (Summer Of 17th Doll)1959c1+card - MO1-8-2
MobilRound Australia Trial - 1+sticker - MO1-26
MobilSafety Money Competition - 1+sticker - MO1-27
MobilService cards - 3+card - MO1-28
MobilService cards - 3+card - MO1-29
MobilSir Malcolm Campbell - 1card - MO1-30
MobilSupercars fan cards (HRT) 19945+card - MO1-31
MobilThe Beatles 1960s1card - MO1-32
MobilTop Performance Cars 196420card album MO1-6
MobilTVs Top Performers (NSW Issue) 196420card - MO1-7-1
MobilTVs Top Performers (QLD Issue) 196416card - MO1-7-2
MobilTVs Top Performers (VIC Issue) 196420card - MO1-7-3
MobilWalt Disney Stories 196424mini-comic - MO1-33
MobilWinners - WA 19748car sticker - MO1-34
NeptuneFlags of the World 1970c80card - NE2-1
NeptuneSpace Chart 1970c7plaque chartNE2-3
NeptuneThe Oozoo Book of Animals 1970c40card album NE2-2
NeptuneWAFL Stickers 1965c8sticker - NE2-4 (NEW)
ShellAnswerman 1980c4booklet - SH6-7
ShellAnsweman - Energy Series 1980c5card - SH6-6
ShellBeetle Series 196260card album SH6-2-1
ShellCricket Fixtures1985+2+card -SH6-9
ShellDiscover Australia with Shell - Flora and Fauna 196060card album SH6-1-1
ShellDiscover Australia with Shell - Birds Series 196060card album SH6-1-3
ShellDiscover Australia with Shell - Butterflies & Moths 196060card album SH6-1-4
ShellCitizenship Series 196560card album SH6-3-1
ShellDick Johnson Automotive 19708sticker - SH6-10 (NEW)
ShellDiscover Australia Plates (Australian Underwater Life) 1980c12print - SH6-5-3
ShellDiscover Australia Plates (Birds of Australia) 1980c8print - SH6-5-1
ShellDiscover Australia Plates (Wildflowers of Australia) 1980c12print - SH6-5-2
ShellDiscover Australia Plates Outlines (Australian Underwater Life) 1980c8print - SH6-5-6 (NEW)
ShellDiscover Australia Plates Outlines (Birds of Australia) 1980c8print - SH6-5-4 (NEW)
ShellDiscover Australia Plates Outlines (Wildflowers of Australia) 1980c8print - SH6-5-5 (NEW)
ShellDiscover Australia Series 19598card - SH6-10 (NEW)
ShellGo Shell Go Footy (WAFL) - 8sticker - SH6-11 (NEW)
ShellGo Well Go Shell - 8transfer - SH6-12 (NEW)
ShellGo Well Go Shell - 8sticker - SH6-13 (NEW)
ShellI'm Going Well - 8sticker - SH6-14 (NEW)
ShellMeteorology Series 196360card album SH6-3-2
Shellmotor-racing 1960s8sticker - SH6-15 (NEW)
ShellOlympic Games Passport 19768sticker album SH6-8
ShellPets Series 196460card album SH6-2-2
ShellSA Footballers 1980s8card album SH6-16 (NEW)
ShellDiscover Australia with Shell - Shells, Fish, Coral Series 195960card album SH6-1-2
ShellTransportation Series 196160card album SH6-3-3
ShellVFL - With Compliments of your Shell Dealer 1950s8sticker - SH6-17 (NEW)
ShellWA Footballers 19638sticker album SH6-18 (NEW)
Tide Water Associated Oil Company (T!17 NEW)Miscellaneous stickers - - sticker/card - T!17-1
Total Oil (TO11 NEW)Don't be a Drop-out - 1iron-on transfer - TO11-1
Total OilMiscellaneous stickers - - sticker - TO11-2
Vacuum OilBirth of The British Nation 193026card - VA2-1
Vacuum OilSpeedies 1st Series1932c60card - VA2-2 (NEW) Ex. ZB9-49.5
Wakefield OilsCricketers 19482+card - WA2-1