Potato Chip Companies

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CompanySet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.ReferenceSnack Type
Pips (Potato chips)Pips New Guinea 1970s48card - PI3-1
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Ausie Trivia 20102+card/transfer - SM6-3 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Bathurst (1986)19862+sticker - SM6-35 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Bee Gees 1970s8+sticker - SM6-4 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Chickadees Bears -3+sticker - SM6-36 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Chinese Menu Favourites 200430+card - SM6-5 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Congratulations You have Won 19981sticker - SM6-6 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Digimon Clix 200148card - SM6-7 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Digimon FX 200068card - SM6-8 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Digimon Power Launchers 20018card - SM6-9 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Double Trouble (Cricket) 198561card - SM6-10 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Hex Series 2 (3d)200115pog - SM6-44 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Blue)200130pog - SM6-46 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Faze)200115pog - SM6-43 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Red)200130pog - SM6-40 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Red)200130pog - SM6-41 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Series 1 (Common)200140pog - SM6-37 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Series 1 (Flouro)200140pog - SM6-38 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Series 1 (Gold)200140pog - SM6-39 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Dragonball Z Token 200140card - SM6-11 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Encyclopaedia Britannica1970s2+cutout - SM6-51 (NEW) (EX CH6-1)Chickadees
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Fish 19815+wrapper - SM6-12 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Fish Series 119816cutout - SM6-13 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Fish Series 219812+cutout - SM6-14 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Fonzies 1970s6+sticker - SM6-46 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Gladiators 199515card - SM6-15 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Gobbledok -1+sticker - SM6-16 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Goosebumps Series 11997603D card- SM6-17 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Goosebumps Series 21997603D card- SM6-18 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Happy Halleys Happening (Creata Promotions) --card - SM6-19 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Hot Shots 1978c1+sticker - SM6-47 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Iron-on Sleeve Transfers)1970s6iron-on - SM6-52 (NEW) (EXCH3.5-1)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Little Critters 1+-sticker - SM6-48 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Marvel Superheroes 200550plastic-card - SM6-20 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Megawhat? 20041scratch card - SM6-21 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Men in Black 199720fold-card - SM6-22 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 19958book label - SM6-23 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Neighbour's Lucky Letter198811+card - SM6-24 (NEW)Doritos
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Pokemon 200051card - SM6-25 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Pokemon Cubitz 200116card - SM6-26 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Power Ranger Labels19958cardSM6-53 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Project Australia - Underwater (200g cellophane)1980c1+wrapper- SM6-2-2-1
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Project Australia - Underwater (200g)1980c6cutout - SM6-2-1.1
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Project Australia - Underwater (25g cellophane)1980c4+wrapper- SM6-2-2-2
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Project Australia - Underwater (large)1980c2+cutout - SM6-2-1-2
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Project Australia - Water World (250g)1980c6cutout - SM6-1
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)School Book Labels -6book label - SM6-27 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Scratch and Win 19981scratch card - SM6-28 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Space Items & Equipment 19811+alfoil - SM6-29 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Star Wars 19978card - SM6-30 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Star Wars (Episode 1)199912card - SM6-31 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Survive & Win 200215card - SM6-49 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)The Simpsons 199732card - SM6-32 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)The Simpsons Tazo (Bowl-a-rama) 200558card - SM6-33 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)The Smith's Scratch and Win 19981scratch card - SM6-34 (NEW)
Smiths (APD Snackfoods)Transformers 19842+wrapper - SM6-50 (NEW)
Snack Potato Chips (SN1 NEW)Grab a Pack of Snack 1980s2+sticker - SN1-1 (NEW)
Snack Brand Australia (SN2 NEW)Attitude cards Numbered199924card - SN2-1 (NEW)Samboy
Snack Brand AustraliaAttitude cards Unnumbered199924card - SN2-2 (NEW)Samboy
Snack Brand AustraliaAustin Power 200225card - SN2-3 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaAustralian Pop Stars19662+card - SN2-4 (NEW)Samboy
Snack Brand AustraliaChee Tohs 19966card - SN2-5 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaGreat Mysteries of the World Trip 20001game card - SN2-7 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaHome and Away Millions 20011scrath card - SN2-8 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaIron Ons Sleeve Transfer1970s6iron on - SN2-9 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaMiscellaneous Stickers--sticker - SN2-10 (NEW)Samboy
Snack Brand AustraliaScratch and Match 20021scratch card - SN2-11 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaSouth Park199918sticker - SN2-12 (NEW)Cheezy Poofs
Snack Brand AustraliaThe Simpsons 199732plastic card - SN2-13 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaWorld's Greatest Suckers 200224card - SN2-14 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaYou Can't Say No19911scratch card - SN2-15 (NEW)CC’s
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Fusion Fighters --pog- SN2-6 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Series 1 (Common)200140pogSN2-16 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Series 1 (Flouro)200140pogSN2-17 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Series 1 (Gold)200140pogSN2-18 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Red)200130pogSN2-19 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Green)200130pogSN2-20 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Hex Series 2 (Blue)200130pogSN2-21 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Hex Series 2 Faze200115pogSN2-22 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaDragonball Z Hex Series 2 3D200115pogSN2-23 (NEW)
Snack Brand AustraliaBatman Film Stips199740film stripSN2-24 (NEW)Frito Lay
Snack Brand AustraliaLooney Tunesc1996220pogSN2-25 (NEW)Frito Lay
Snack Brand AustraliaThe Simpsonsc199640pogSN2-26 (NEW)Frito Lay
Snack Brand AustraliaSimpsons Tazo Pickers2002120pogSN2-27 (NEW)Frito Lay
Snack Brand AustraliaSpace Jamc199680pogSN2-28 (NEW)Frito Lay
Snack Brand AustraliaStar Warsc199680pogSN2-29 (NEW)Frito Lay