Rugby League Clubs

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Issuing ClubSet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Australian Rugby League Ass.Kangaroos20021sticker- AU19-1 (New)
Adelaide RamsAdelaide Rams - Foxtel199725card- AD10-1 (New)
Adelaide RamsAdelaide Rams - Clipsal199825card- AD10-2 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - blank back1990s10+card- BR18-1 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Ansett19979card- BR18-2 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Ansett/Traveland19979card- BR18-3 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Ansett19979card- BR18-4 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Ansett19988cardboxBR18-5 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Ansett19988card- BR18-6 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Ergon Energy20024card- BR18-7 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Streets199022card- BR18-8 (New) Ex ST10-4
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Streets199121card- BR18-9 (New)
Brisbane BroncosBrisbane Broncos - Coca Cola198940cardalbumBR18-10 (New)
Brisbane Broncos/CowboysAnsett19988card- BR18-11 (New)
Brisbane Broncos/CowboysAnsett19999card- BR18-12 (New)
Canterbury BankstownCanterbury Bankstown - Rothmans197523card- CA16-1 (New)
Canterbury BankstownCanterbury Bankstown - Rothmans197625card- CA16-2 (New)
Canterbury BulldogsCanterbury Bulldogs - Cenovis199924card- CA16-3 (New)
Canterbury BulldogsCanterbury Bulldogs20044card- CA16-4 (New)
Cronulla (Sutherland) SharksCronulla Sharks IMB Autograph Card20021card- CR10-1 (New)
Cronulla (Sutherland) SharksCronulla Sharks IMB Collector’s Edition20036card- CR10-2 (New)
Cronulla (Sutherland) SharksCronulla Sharks IMB Collector’s Edition20069card- CR10-3 (New)
Cronulla (Sutherland) SharksI’m a One-eyed Cronulla Fan-1sticker- CR10-4 (New)
Cronulla (Sutherland) SharksSharks - LG-17poster- CR10-5 (New)
Eastern SuburbsI’m a One-eyed Easts Fan-1sticker- EA2-1 (New)
Gold Coast ChargersGold Coast Chargers - Shooter’s Bar Saloon199621card- GO13-1 (New)
Gold Coast ChargersGold Coast Chargers - BC Cinemas199725card- GO13-2 (New)
Gold Coast TitansGold Coast Titans - Jetstar200954sticker- GO14-1 (New)
Gold Coast TitansGold Coast Titans - Aquis201535sticker- GO14-2 (New)
Illawarra SteelersIllawarra Steelers - Your Club Your Team199710card- IL2-1 (New)
Illawarra SteelersIllawarra Steelers - Forging Ahead in 199819986card- IL2-2 (New)
Melbourne StormMelbourne Storm19985card- ME12-1 (New)
Melbourne StormMelbourne Storm Team Photo - Gatorade-Honda)19995card- ME12-2 (New)
Melbourne StormMelbourne Storm - Millenium Edition200018card- ME12-3 (New)
Melbourne StormMelbourne Storm - 2001 Season Player Cards200120box- ME12-4 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - Gift cards2000c10card- NE21-1 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - Henny Penny198916card- NE21-2 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - BP199120card- NE21-3 (New)
Newcastle KnightsKnight PIx - I love Henny Penny199025card- NE21-4 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - Energy Australia20031card- NE21-5 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - Sports Design199910+card- NE21-6 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - Xmas Card20031card- NE21-7 (New)
Newcastle KnightsNewcastle Knights - Xmas Card20041card- NE21-8 (New)
Newtown JetsMiscellaneous stickers--sticker- NE22-1 (New)
North Queensland CowboysCowboys - Ansett19988card- NO2-1 (New)
North Queensland CowboysCowboys - Ansett19998card- NO2-2 (New)
North Queensland CowboysCowboys - Superleague199720card- NO2-3 (New)
North Queensland CowboysCowboys - Ergon200125card- NO2-4 (New)
North Queensland CowboysCowboys - Legends200113card- NO2-5 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels1998c21+card- PA11-1 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels Team Photo19991card-PA11-2 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels Team Photo - Avant Card20001postcard- PA11-3 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels Team Photo - Oasics19982card- PA11-4 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Asics20005card-PA11-5 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Asics/Telstra20018card-PA11-6 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Asics200135card-PA11-7 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Pauls200225card- PA11-8 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels20025book label- PA11-9 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Pauls20035book label- PA11-10 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Asics200327postcard- PA11-11 (New)
Parramatta EelsParramatta Eels - Cheer Leaders200518card- PA11-12 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers19728+coaster- PE11-1 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers19753+coaster- PE11-2 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - Mix with the Famous19786+coaster- PE11-3 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - P.R.L.C.19768+coaster- PE11-4 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers200825+card- PE11-5 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - Super League199725card- PE11-6 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - Super League19972+sticker-PE11-7 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - Sanyo20021admission card-PE11-8 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers199625card-PE11-9 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers20016book label-PE11-10 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - Autograph Card20011card-PE11-11 (New)
Penrith PanthersPenrith Panthers - You’re on Panther’s Turf20091sticker-PE11-12 (New)
Queensland Rugby League Ass.Play Junior Rugby League-3+sticker-QU17-1 (New)
St. George DragonsSt. George Dragons- Dominelli Ford197518card-ST14-1 (New)
St. George DragonsSt. George Dragons- Penfolds Premiership Photo19811card-ST14-2 (New)
St. George IllawarraSt. George Illawarra - Integral Energy200117card-ST15-1 (New)
St. George IllawarraSt. George Illawarra - Bring It On200121card-ST15-2 (New)
St. George IllawarraSt. George Illawarra - Hot Hot Hot200225card-ST15-3 (New)
North SydneyNorth Sydney196639card-NO3-1 (New)
North SydneyNorth Sydney - Chickadee19994+sticker-NO3-2 (New)
North SydneyNorth Sydney - Beware of the AVCO Bears1980s1sticker-NO3-3 (New)
South SydneySouth Sydney - Arrive Alive MAA200225card-SO13-1 (New)
South SydneySydney Tigers19951+coaster-SO13-2 (New)
South SydneyBob Bolin19741card-SO13-3 (New)
South SydneySydney Roosters Team Photo - Arrive Alive-20031postcard-SO13-4 (New)
South SydneySydney Roosters - Fox Sports-1+card-SO13-5 (New)
South SydneySouth Sydney - Pride of the League200635card-SO13-6 (New)
Sydney RoostersSydney Roosters - Brad Fittler19991+postcard-SY9-1 (New)
Sydney RoostersSydney Roosters - 100 Years20072sticker-SY9-2 (New)
Sydney RoostersSydney Roosters - Western Union20031fixture list-SY9-3 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers - Goldstar19965card-WE18-1 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers - Are you the next20071postcard- WE18-2 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers - Astor Base Metals19994+card-WE18-3 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers - Radisson Maine Financial Group20001card-WE18-4 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers - Twice the Power20006card-WE18-5 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers200017card-WE18-6 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers200124card-WE18-7 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers - Don Smallgoods200122card-WE18-8 (New)
Wests TigersWests Tigers Team Photo - Its a Jungle….20021card-WE18-9 (New)
Western (Perth) RedsWestern (Perth) Reds-2+sticker-WE19-1 (New)
Western (Perth) RedsWestern (Perth) Reds - Super League19971card-WE19-2 (New)
Western SuburbsWestern Suburbs - Chilis Texas Grill199725card-WE20-1 (New)
Western SuburbsWestern Suburbs - Chilis Texas Grill199821card-WE20-2 (New)
Western SuburbsWestern Suburbs - Goldstar Magpies199639card-WE20-3 (New)
Western SuburbsWestern Suburbs - Keep your pecker up-1sticker-WE20-4 (New)
Western SuburbsWestern Suburbs - Win in 9819981sticker-WE20-5 (New)