Sanitarium Cereal

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
3 Mobile Ashes Series 2006-200720066card - SA2-207 (New)
30 Australian Treasures199230card sheet album SA2-98-8
30 Famous Australians- 30card sheet album SA2-98-7
Aboriginal Tribes & Customs 195050card album SA2-107
ACB Cricket (Champions Work Harder) 20036card - SA2-208 (New)
ACB Cricket (Get Real, Get Weet-Bix) 200120card - SA2-209 (New)
Advance Australia Series 194260card album SA2-101
African Safari 1965196525card album SA2-127
African Safari (blue back) 197420card poster SA2-159
African Wildlife 19793cutout - SA2-303
Alice in Wonderland 196720card poster SA2-135
Alphabet Stickers 20123sticker poster SA2-302
Animal Masks 1974- cutout - SA2-210 (New)
Animal Puppets 19808cutout - SA2-211 (New)
Antarctic Adventure 198520card poster SA2-189
Aussie And Proud of It 198812card sheet album SA2-197
Aussie Kids in The Year 2000198714card poster SA2-195
Australia Leaps Ahead 196920card poster SA2-141
Australia on The Move 19825+booklet - SA2-97
Australia, Yesterday & To-Day 194950card album SA2-106
Australian Birds And Animals 196125card album SA2-118
Australian Bird Life 196325card album SA2-122
Australian Chronicle Vol 1197010booklet - SA2-144.1
Australian Chronicle Vol 2197010booklet - SA2-144.2
Australian Energy 198920card album SA2-199.1
Australian Energy Helicopter Mobile 19891cutout/mobile album SA2-199.2
Australian Natural Wonders 200210card poster SA2-212 (New)
Australian Test Cricketers 199420card album SA2-213 (New)
Australian Underwater World 196425card album SA2-126
Australian Wildflowers 196625card - SA2-131
Australia's Booming Industries 197320card poster SA2-156
Australia's Greatest Motor Race 199020card album SA2-201
Australia's Most Amazing Birds 199320card album SA2-206
Australia's National Parks 198120card poster SA2-179
Australian Natural Wonders - - card poster SA2-214 (New)
Australia's Own Birds & Wild Flowers 197620card poster SA2-166
Australia's Wings 198120card poster SA2-178
Australia's Wonderful Wildlife 197020card poster SA2-145
Babe and Friends 199916card - SA2-215 (New)
Backyard Wildlife 198120card poster SA2-177
Bee Stickers 20084sticker - SA2-216 (New)
Big Rigs 198220card poster SA2-180
BMX Down Under 198220card poster SA2-182
Bob the Builder 20024cutout - SA2-217 (New)
Bob the Builder 20024sticker - SA2-218 (New)
Brazil '77197720card poster SA2-169
Brett & Shane Lee 20003card - SA2-219 (New)
Build A Beaut Boat c1970s4cutout - SA2-220 (New)
Bunyip Plastic Shrinkies - 10shrinky - SA2-98-4.2
Car Transfer Series 197120transfer - SA2-149
Car of the Seventies 197520card poster SA2-163
Cavalcade of Cars 196050card album SA2-117
Cavalcade of Cars 197620card poster SA2-167
Circular Stickers 19821+sticker - SA2-221 (New)
Collecting Australian Gemstones 197020card poster SA2-146
Collector Cars 198620card poster SA2-191
Cooks Voyage of Discovery 197020card album SA2-147
Cricket Champions, Past & Present (Topps) 200230card album SA2-222 (New)
Cricket Town Series 120086card - SA2-223 (New)
Cricket Town Series 220096card - SA2-224 (New)
Crunch Game Card 20051game card - SA2-225 (New)
Cut-Out (Model) Cars 19568cutout - SA2-226 (New)
Cut-Out Galleons 1960s8cutout - SA2-227 (New)
Cut-Out Jig-Saw Series 1960s10cutout - SA2-228 (New)
Cut-Out Miniature Popular Cars 1960s3+cutout - SA2-2209(New)
Cut-Out Space Ships 19558cutout - SA2-230 (New)
Cut-Out (Toys) Ships 1950s8cutout - SA2-231 (New)
Cut-Out Trains 1955c8cutout - SA2-232 (New)
Deep Sea Wonders 196525card album SA2-128
Destnation Moon 195950card album SA2-116
Dioramas - School Project Sheets 195816cutout - SA2-233 (New)
Discover indonesia (Overprint) 197520card poster SA2-164.1
Discover indonesia (No overprint) 197520card poster SA2-164.2
Earth Quest 199120card album SA2-203
Exploring our Solar System 198420card poster SA2-187
Extremely Board 200012card - SA2-234 (New)
Fast Wheels 197720card poster SA2-170
Flags of The Commonwealth Nations 196826linen - ZS9-2-1
George Gregan Promo Card 20021card - SA2-235 (New)
Get into Training 198320card poster SA2-184
Good Start c19851sticker - SA2-236 (New)
Grand Prix 196720card poster SA2-136
Great Australian Adventure 199410postcard - SA2-237 (New)
Great Australian Explorers 197220card poster SA2-153
Great Barrier Reef (White) 197120card poster SA2-150
Great Steam Trains 198020card poster SA2-175
Happy Birthday Australia 198820press out card album SA2-238 (New)
High Action Sports 197712card album SA2-239 (New)
High Flyers 19784cutout - SA2-240 (New)
Highlights of The Melbourne Olympic Games 195630card - SA2-112
Horses on Parade 1960s1+cutout - SA2-241 (New)
Hottest Hot Rods on the Race Track 197220card- poster SA2-154
Hunchback of Notre Dam 199615card - SA2-301
I hope you've had your Weet-bix c19951sticker - SA2-242 (New)
I'm Truckin on Weetbix Power 19821sticker - SA2-181
Iron on Transfers - 4transfer - SA2-243 (New)
James Hird - 4transfer - SA2-244 (New)
Journey Around Australia 197820card poster SA2-171
Kings of The Road 198820card album SA2-196
Marvels of the Great Barrier Reef 194850card album SA2-105
Mini Flags of our Pacific Neighbours 197112linen - ZS9-2-2
Miscellaneous Stickers - - sticker - SA2-245 (New)
National Costumes of the Old World 196625card - SA2-132
Night Shiners 197012sticker - SA2-148
Nutrition Education Cards 194640cutout - SA2-246 (New)
Olympic Cavalcade 195640cutout - SA2-247 (New)
Our Asian Neighbours 197220card poster SA2-155
Out of this World 197220card poster SA2-248 (New)
Papua & New Guinea 196125card album SA2-119
People of the Pacific 197320card poster SA2-157
Picture and History Cards of Aeroplanes 196440card - SA2-124
Picture and History Cards of the Story of Flight 196620card - SA2-133
Picture and History Cards of Veteran and Vintage Motors 196540card - SA2-129
Picture and History Cards of Famous Ships 196432card album SA2-125
Play, Watch & Win 200020card - SA2-249 (New)
Play, Watch & Win 200020card - SA2-250 (New)
Postage Stamps - - stamp pack - SA2-251 (New)
Powercaps - 20pog - SA2-252 (New)
Projects - 2+cutout - SA2-253 (New)
Puppet People - 1+cutout - SA2-254 (New)
Qantas/New York World’s Fair 196528card - SA2-130
Rally Champs 197920card poster SA2-173
Recipe Cards 198410card - SA2-188
Recipe Cards 19991+card - SA2-255 (New)
Recipe Cards 1983- cutout - SA2-185
Recipe Cards 1983- cutout - SA2-256 (New)
Recipe Cards 199920card - SA2-257 (New)
Sanitarium Children's Australian Encyclopedias 195260card - SA2-109
Scouting and Guiding 195850card - SA2-115
Secrets of Space 196820card - SA2-138
Shadow Box 1960s1+cutout - SA2-258 (New)
Show Jumping 1960s1+cutout - SA2-259 (New)
Sir Donald Bradman - Greatest Hits 199716card - SA2-260 (New)
Skippy and his Bushland Friends 198012sticker - ZJ12-28
Skippy Circular Stickers - 1sticker - SA2-261 (New)
Skippy Colouring Competition - 1sticker - SA2-262 (New)
Skippy Skipping Promotion 1984- cutout - SA2-263 (New)
Skippy Stickers - 1sticker - SA2-264 (New)
Skippy's Australiana Adventure 197412letraset booklet - SA2-161
Skippys Happy Holiday Competition 19748letraset booklet - SA2-160
Smileys (Colgate) - Numbered Backs 199320sticker poster SA2-98-10.1
Smileys (Colgate) -Unnumbered Backs 199319sticker poster SA2-98-10.2
Snoopy Action Cards 19975flip card - SA2-265 (New)
Snoopy Sports 199620pog - SA2-266 (New)
Snow Holiday 196625card - SA2-134
Socceroos 20069- SA2-267 (New)
Socceroos Memorable Moments 2006- card - SA2-268 (New)
Socceroos Send a Message 20061postcard - SA2-269 (New)
Soya Milk Recipe Cards c20008cutout - SA2-270 (New)
Spaceships 19558cutout - SA2-271 (New)
Spectacular Sports 197320card poster SA2-158
Spectacular Sports 198420card poster SA2-186
Stars of the Big Top 1970s- cutout - SA2-272 (New)
Stat Attack 200832card - SA2-273 (New)
Stumps 1card - SA2-274 (New)
Surf Sports 198520card poster SA2-190
Survive - 20card album ???
Tell-A-Vision Set instructions Card - 3+- - SA2-275 (New)
The Age of Speed 195552card album SA2-111
The Aussie Kids Pet Gazette 198620card sheet album SA2-193
The Book of Amazing Wonders 195850card album SA2-114
The Bradman Collection 199620card - SA2-276 (New)
The Cars that Made Australia - 20card album SA2-202
The Children's Australian Encyclopedia 194660-card album SA2-104
The Great Barrier Reef (Green) 198320card poster SA2-183
The Iron Horses 196820card album SA2-139
The Lee Brothers 20003card - SA2-277 (New)
The New Zealand Treasury 194550card album SA2-103
Peanut Swap Series 199320sticker album SA2-205
The Puffet People 19692+cutout - SA2-278 (New)
The Story of the Pacific 195460card album SA2-110
The Super Cars 197120card poster SA2-152
The Wonderful World of Disney 199420card album SA2-279 (New)
The Wonderful World of Seaworld 199220card album SA2-204
The World of the Aborigine 196920card poster SA2-143
The World of Vintage & Veteran Cars 197820card poster SA2-172
The World of Vintage & Veteran Cars (For The USA) 197820card - SA2-280 (New)
The World of Wheels, Gazette 198720card album SA2-194
The Young Motorist's Book of Cars 1960s36cutout - SA2-121
The Young Naturalist 196225card album SA2-281 (New)
This Fascinating World 195750card album SA2-113
This World of Speed 196820card book poster SA2-140
Ticket Master (Voucher) 19861card - SA2-282 (New)
Timeless Japan 197420card poster SA2-162
Traditional Uniforms of the World 196920card poster SA2-142
Training Tips 20063card - SA2-283 (New)
Transfers 194450transfer - SA2-102
Treasure Island 198730+cutout - SA2-284 (New)
trivia-cards 198730+cutout - SA2-285 (New)
True To Life Stereo - Australia on Parade 19638stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.1
True To Life Stereo - Canberra the Capital 19638stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.3
True To Life Stereo - Card Series 196332stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.5
True To Life Stereo - Famous Dog Breeds 19638stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.2
True To Life Stereo - See Australia - with TAA 196416stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.7
True To Life Stereo - The Mysterious East 196516stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.8
True To Life Stereo - Veteran and Vintage Cars 196616stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.9
True To Life Stereo - Wild Life of the World 196416stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.6
True To Life Stereo - Zoo Babies Series 19638stereo card viewer + album SA2-123.4
Two-Wheel Classics 198620card poster SA2-192
Two-Wheel Classics 1960s1+cutout - SA2-286 (New)
V8 Supercars20058card - SA2-287 (New)
Vanishing Wildlife 197920card poster SA2-174
Veteran And Vintage Cars 198112sticker - SA2-179
Wallabies, Breakfast of World Championss 200215card - ????
Wallabies Eat'n Win 200310card - ?????
Wallabies Gold 200220card - SA2-290 (New)
Walt Disney Classics 199621pogs - SA2-291 (New)
Wealth of a Nation 19808cutout - SA2-292 (New)
Weet-Bix Gazette - The World of Wheels 198720card sheet album SA2-293 (New)
Weet-Bix Power 198720card sheet album SA2-294 (New)
Weet-Bix Takes You To The Next Level 19998sticker - SA2-295 (New)
Wiggles sticker 20076sticker - SA2-296 (New)
Wiggles stickers 20115+sticker - SA2-297 (New)
Wild-Weird and Wonderful - 20card album SA2-200
Wildflowers of Australia 196225card album SA2-120
Wildlife of Australia 197620card album SA2-168
Wonderbook of General Knowledge 195160card album SA2-108
Wonders of the World 198020card poster SA2-176
World Ball 199715card - SA2-298 (New)
The World of Wheels - 20card album SA2-299 (New)
World of Jets 197520card poster SA2-165
World Wildlife Fund (Threatened Wildlife) 199520card album SA2-300 (New)