Scanlens (Sport)

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Set NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Set NameCompany
Australian Motor Racing Cars 198666card - SC2-99 (NEW)Scanlens
Choppers and Hot Bikes 197466card - SC2-35Scanlens (Twins)
Clashes For The Ashes 198666card - SC2-87Scanlens
Cricket 1965196540card - SC2-38Scanlens
Cricket 19821982172sticker albumSC2-71Scanlens
Cricket 19831983172sticker albumSC2-72Scanlens
Cricket 19841984I72sticker albumSC2-75Scanlens
Cricket 19851985I72sticker albumSC2-78Scanlens
Cricket 1988-89 Season1988144card - SC2-90Scanlens
Cricket 1989-90 Season198984card - SC2-93Scanlens
Cricket 1990-91 Season199084card - SC2-96Stimorol
Cricket Super Stars 198118card - SC2-37Anonymous
Cricket W.S.C. Super Series 198188card - SC2-40Anonymous
Football Kid 198224sticker - SC2-44Scanlens
Footy Team Tattoos 1970s- tattoo - SC2-44.5Scanlens
Hot Rods 196666card - ZA12-4Ivan Tors Film
Krazy Kricket 196768card - SC2-45Scanlens
Motorcycle Action Series 197612card - SC2-50Scanlens
Odd Rods 196842card - ZJ12-26-1aAnonymous
Oddest Odd Rods 197166card - ZJ12-26-2bAnonymous
Phillips Top Soccer 1978120card - SC2-21.1Scanlens (Twins)
Rugby League NSW Pin-up Posters 197012poster- SC2-13-1Scanlens
Rugby League NSW Player Posters 197024poster- SC2-14-2 & ZJ12-22-1.1Anonymous
Rugby League196318card - SC2-6-3Scanlens
Rugby League196433card - SC2-7-2Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)196852card - SC2-11-1Anonymous
Rugby League (NSW Players)196966card - SC2-12-1-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)197066card - SC2-13-1-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)197124card - SC2-14-1Anonymous
Rugby League (NSW Players)197412sticker- SC2-17-3 (NEW)Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1974121card - SC2-17-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1975144card - SC2-18-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1976144card - SC2-19-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1977144card - SC2-20-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1978168card - SC2-21-2Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1979168card - SC2-22-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1980187card - SC2-23-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1981180card - SC2-24-1Scanlens
Rugby League (NSW Players)1982180card - SC2-25-1Scanlens
Rugby League (QLD Players)198284card - SC2-25-4Scanlens
Rugby League1983172card albumSC2-74Scanlens
Rugby League1984172card albumSC2-77Scanlens
Rugby League1985208card albumSC2-80Scanlens
Rugby League1986132card -SC2-83Scanlens
Rugby League1987132card - SC2-86Scanlens
Rugby League1988144card - SC2-89Stimorol
Rugby League1989156card - SC2-92Stimorol
Rugby League1990156card - SC2-95Stimorol
Rugby League1991210card - SC2-98Stimorol
Skateboard Safety Hints 197624card - SC2-57Scanlens
Soccer 196318card - SC2-6-1Scanlens
Soccer 196530card - SC2-8.1Scanlens
State Cricket 197866card - SC2-39Scanlens (Twins)
Surfboard Action 197636card - SC2-60Scanlens (Twins)
VFL Football Player Posters 197012poster- SC2-14-2 & ZJ12-22-1.2Anonymous
VFL Pin-up Posters 197012poster- SC2-13-2Scanlens
VFL196318card - SC2-6-1Scanlens
VFL196433card - SC2-7-1Scanlens
VFL196536card - SC2-8-2Scanlens
VFL196672card - SC2-9Scanlens
VFL196772card - SC2-10Scanlens
VFL (Set A)196844card - SC2-11-3-2Anonymous
VFL (Set B)196852card - SC2-11-1-2Scanlens
VFL196966card - SC2-12-2-2Scanlens
VFL197066card - SC2-13-1-2Scanlens
VFL197124card - SC2-14-2Anonymous
VFL197266card - SC2-15Scanlens
VFL1973156card - SC2-16-2Scanlens
VFL1974156card - SC2-17-2Scanlens
VFL1975144card - SC2-18-2Scanlens
VFL1976144card - SC2-19-2Scanlens
VFL1977144card - SC2-20-2Scanlens
VFL1978168card - SC2-21-3Scanlens
VFL1979168card - SC2-22-2Scanlens
VFL1980180card - SC2-23-2Scanlens
VFL1981180card - SC2-24-2Scanlens
VFL1982180card - SC2-25-2Scanlens
VFL1983172card SC2-73-1Scanlens
VFL1984132card - SC2-76-1Scanlens
VFL1985132card - SC2-79Scanlens
VFL1986132card - SC2-82Scanlens
VFL1987132card - SC2-85Scanlens
VFL1988144card - SC2-88Stimorol
VFL1989168card - SC2-91Stimorol
VFL1990168card - SC2-94Stimorol
VFL1991168card - SC2-97Stimorol
WAFL198282card - SC2-25-3Scanlens
WWF Pro Wrestling 198666card - SC2-81Scanlens/Titan Sports