Tea & Coffee

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Issuing ClubSet NameIssue YearSet no.MediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Amgoorie (NEW AM8)Adelaide Crows 199418card - AM8-1.1 (NEW)
AmgoorieAdelaide Crows 199418sticker album AM8-1.2 (NEW)
AmgoorieWest Coast Eagles 199418card - AM8-2.1 (NEW)
AmgoorieWest Coast Eagles 199418sticker album AM8-2.2 (NEW)
Brew TeaThe Life Cycle of Tea 1970s10card - BR5-1
Bushells (BU10 NEW)3D Viewers- 2+3d-viewer- BU10-1 (NEW)
Copper Kettle (COR. CO27)Australiana Bird Studies (Nos 1-96)1960s96card - CO27-1.1 (COR.)
Copper KettleAustraliana Bird Studies (Nos 97 to 192)1960s96card - CO27-1.2 (COR.)
Copper KettleSecond Chance Draw 19841game card - CO27-2 (NEW)
King/RoburAustralian Explorer Series 197612card wall mapKI3-1
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Australiana Bird Studies (Nos 1 to 96)1970s96card album KI4-1 (NEW)
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Australiana Bird Studies (Nos 97to 192)1970s96card album KI4-2 (NEW)
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Australiana Bird Studies (Nos 193 to 288)1970s96card album KI4-3 (NEW)
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Australiana Bird Studies (Nos 289 to 380)1970s96card album KI4-4 (NEW)
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Feature Recipes 1970s1+card - KI4-5 (NEW)
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Flags of the World 1970s100card album KI4-6 (NEW)
Kinkarra (Clifford Love)Recipe Cards 1941- leaflet - KI4-7 (NEW)
Lipton's (Tea)3D Viewer- 1plastic viewer - LI2-3-7 (NEW)
Lipton's (Tea)America's Cup Heritage - 24cutout - LI2-15
Lipton's (Tea)Countries Flags & Arms 198450card - LI2-16
Lipton's (Tea)Metric Converter - 1card - LI2-2
Lipton's (Tea)Postage Stamps - Set 1 (on board)1982- stamp - LI2-4-1
Lipton's (Tea)Postage Stamps - Set 2 (on paper)1982- stamp - LI2-4-2
Lipton's (Tea)Puzzle cards Series One - Puzzles 19826card - LI2-1-1.1
Lipton's (Tea)Puzzle cards Series One - Trying Tests 198212card - LI2-1-2
Lipton's (Tea)Puzzle cards Series One - Brain Busters Galore 19826card - LI2-1-2.2
Lipton's (Tea)Puzzle cards Series Two - Fascinating Facts 19826card - LI2–1-3
Lipton's (Tea)Stereo cards 1st Series- 153d card- LI2-3-1
Lipton's (Tea)Stereo cards 2nd Series- 163d card- LI2-3-2
Lipton's (Tea)Stereo cards 3rd Series- 163d card- LI2-3-3
Lipton's (Tea)Stereo cards 4th Series- 163d card- LI2-3-4
Lipton's (Tea)Stereo cards 5th Series- 163d card- LI2-3-5
Lipton's (Tea)Stereo cards 6th Series- 163d card- LI2-3-6
Nerada TeaPlantation Club Nerada 1980c1+card - NE3-1
Nescafe (NE18 NEW)Nescafe Movie Pass 20001leaflet - NE18-1 (NEW)
Tetley (TE5 NEW)All Round Boarding Pass - 1card - TE5-1 (NEW)
TetleyAustraliana Bird Studies (1 -96)1999380card - TE5-2 (NEW)
TetleyAustraliana Bird Studies (97 - 192)1999380card - TE5-3 (NEW)
TetleyAustraliana Bird Studies (193 - 288)1999380card - TE5-4 (NEW)
TetleyAustraliana Bird Studies (289 - 380)1999380card - TE5-5 (NEW)
TetleyAustralian Heritage Card Series 1996100card albumTE5-6 (NEW)
TetleyThe Tetley Tea Folk - 1leaflet - TE5-7 (NEW)
TetleyThe Tetley Tigers 19801card - TE5-8 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustralian Wildflowers by Deidrie Hunt 1960c30card wall chart TU2-1
TuckfieldsAustraliana Animal Series 1960c32card album TU2-6 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Series (Nos 1 to 96)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.1 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Series (Nos 193 to 288)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.2 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Series (Nos 289 to 380)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.3 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Series (Nos 97 to 192)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.4 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Studies (Nos 1 to 96)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.5 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Studies (Nos 193 to 288)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.6 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Studies (Nos 289 to 380)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.7 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Bird Studies (Nos 97 to 192)1960c96card album TU2-2-3.8 (NEW)
TuckfieldsAustraliana Fish Series 1960c32card album TU2-5 (NEW)
TuckfieldsThe Cat Family 1960c32card - TU2-2
TuckfieldsTuckfields Popular Dogs (black backs) 1960c32card album TU2-4-1
TuckfieldsTuckfields Popular Dogs (Ty-nee tips) 1960c32card album TU2-4-2
Tynan TipsAdvertisement cards 1970s1+card - TY2-1
Victory Blend TeaPhotographic Series 19194+card - VI6-1