Uncle Tobys Cereal

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Set NameIssue YearSet NoMediaAlbum/Poster etc.Reference
Afl Footy Oddbodz 199616card -UN5-1 (New)
All Star Slam 199520card -UN5-2 (New)
Athlete Profile 19992+cutout -UN5-3 (New)
Barbie Match and Win 19906card -UN5-4 (New) Ex UN1.2-2
Try Again Cards (Barcelona) 199216card -UN5-5 (New) Ex UN1.2-10
Beach Heat 199720flip card -UN5-6 (New)
Beach Looney Tunes 19926card -UN5-7 (New) Ex UN1.2-1
Beach Monsters 19926shrinky -UN5-8 (New) Ex UN1.2-4
Bird Hunt (Cheerios) 1960s1+cutout -UN5-9 (New)
Brain Grain - 16- -UN5-10 (New)
Bushwise Picnic Tips - 10?- -UN5-11 (New)
Celebration 100 Years199315card -UN5-12 (New)
Centenary 100 Years - Iron Men199315sticker -UN5-13 (New) Ex UN1.2-2
Champion Challenge 199420card -UN5-14 (New)
Cyber Stickers 19976sticker -UN5-15 (New)
Dinosaurs In Space (Tin Lids) 199420card -UN5-16 (New)
Dolphins 199116?card -UN5-17 (New) Ex UN1.2-3
Dunkaroos 19976card -UN5-18 (New)
Fantastic Fuzzies 19918iron on -UN5-19 (New)
Fish 'N Tips 198912card -UN5-20 (New)
Fish 'N Tips Badges 198912badge -UN5-21 (New)
Glowing King Willie 19924sticker -UN5-22 (New)
Glowing Sea Creatures 19928card -UN5-23 (New) Ex UN1.2-5
Good Sports -52playing card -UN5-24 (New)
Grinners 19986card -UN5-25 (New)
Halley's Trivia Game 198736card -UN5-26 (New) Ex UN1.2-12
Iron-Ons 197510transfer -UN5-27 (New)
Ironman Book Labels 199315+card -UN5-28 (New)
Ironman Name Tags 19926shrinky -UN5-29 (New) Ex UN1.2-5
Ironmen Cards (Various Promos) - 3+card -UN5-30 (New)
Ironmen Cards (Name underlined) 199017+card -UN5-31 (New) Ex UN1.2-5
It's a Knockout 19872+card -UN5-32 (New)
King Willie Weeties Magical Wonder Pack -4scratch card -UN5-33 (New)
King Willie Weeties Magical Wonder Pack -4slider card -UN5-34 (New)
King Willie Stickers - - sticker -UN5-35 (New) Ex UN1.2-6.1
King Willie Weeties Summer Fun - 4+stencil -UN5-36 (New)
King Willie Weeties Wheat Facts - 6shrinky -UN5-37 (New) Ex UN1.2-6.2
Landcare Australia Seeds - 3+packet -UN5-38 (New)
Match The Country Olympic Trivia 200047+card -UN5-39 (New)
Mini Magazines (Multi fronts and backs) 19956booklet -UN5-40 (New)
Mini Magazines (Multi fronts and backs) 19968booklet -UN5-41 (New)
Monster Mania Book Labels - 9card -UN5-42 (New) Ex UN1.2-7.1
Monster Mania Character Stickers - 9sticker -UN5-43 (New) Ex UN1.2-7.2
Monster Mania Finger Puppets - 9card -UN5-44 (New) Ex UN1.2-7.3
Monster Mania Joke Stickers - 9sticker -UN5-45 (New) Ex UN1.2-7.4
Nutrition Information Guide - 1card -UN5-46 (New)
Oat Characters Olympic Events - 12card -UN5-47 (New) Ex UN1.2-8
Oat Characters Sayings - 10card -UN5-48 (New)
Olympic Games Legends 20006cutout -UN5-49 (New)
Olympic Games Trivia Champion 20002cutout -UN5-50 (New)
Pair-a-Puggle Cards 1980s1+card -UN5-51 (New)
Pair-a-Puggle Stickers 1980s1+stickers -UN5-52 (New)
Pro Squad Player Profiles 199616card -UN5-53 (New)
Puggle Puzzle - 11+card -UN5-54 (New)
Rap Wrapps 199110scratch card -UN5-55 (New) Ex UN1.2-9
Recipe Cards 199110scratch card -UN5-56 (New)
Rugrats In Paris (Revealer Cards) 200020card -UN5-57 (New)
Sega Mega Millions 199510card -UN5-58 (New)
Sew-Ons 19736linen -UN5-59 (New)
Space Jam 199620sticker -UN5-60 (New)
Star Wars Episode 3- 24cutout -UN5-61 (New)
Super Series 199515card -UN5-62 (New)
Super Series (Baywatch) 199620card -UN5-63 (New)
Super Series Birthday Bonus 19935slide card -UN5-64 (New)
Super Series Iron Man 199215sticker -UN5-65 (New)
Super Series Super Mag 19968booklet -UN5-66 (New)
Super Series War on Water - 11+cutout -UN5-67 (New)
Swim And Win (BP Gold) 198825booklet -UN5-68 (New)
Swimming Promo Cards 3card -UN5-69 (New)
Talent Toward 2000199620card -UN5-70 (New)
Tattoo Card (Uncle Tobys Oats) - 1- -UN5-71 (New)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 19908card -UN5-72 (New) Ex UN1.2-11
The Wiggles Movie 19989+card -UN5-73 (New)
The Wild Thornberry Movie 200112card -UN5-74 (New)
Time Zone/Sega 199512sticker -UN5-75 (New)
Toobies Mobiles 1990S4cutout -UN5-76 (New)
Toy Story 2200012sticker -UN5-77 (New)
Uncle Tobys Oats Luggage Tags - 1+shrinky -UN5-78 (New)
Uncle Tobys Oats Name Tags - 1+shrinky -????
Water Sport Athletes - 6+card -UN5-79 (New)
Welcome to Weeties World 1990s33sticker -UN5-80 (New)
King Willie Plastic Tags - 6shrinky -UN5-81 (New)
King Willie Weeties Stickers - 1+sticker -UN5-82 (New)
Meet The Challenge ??? 19931+cutout -UN5-83 (New)
Name Tags??? - - shrinky -UN5-84 (New)
Puzzle Iron-Ons ??? - 7+iron-on -UN5-85 (New)
Puzzle Sticker ??? - - sticker -UN5-86 (New)
Surf Superwords and Trivia ??? 19931+cutout -UN5-87 (New)
Surf Superwords and Trivia19931+cutout-UN5-88 (New)
Super Series199515card-UN5-89 (New)
Super Series (Baywatch)199620card-UN5-90 (New)
Super Series Mini Mag19968booklet-UN5-91 (New)
Super Series Birthday Bonus19935card-UN5-92 (New)
Super Series Iron Man Push Out199215sticker-UN5-93 (New)
Super Series War on Water-11+cutout-UN5-94 (New)
Swim And Win (BP Gold)198825booklet-UN5-95 (New)
Talent Toward 2000199620card-UN5-96 (New)
Tattoo Card Uncle Tobys Oats-1--UN5-97 (New)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles19908card-UN5-98 (New)
The Wiggles Movie19989+card-UN5-99 (New)
The Wild Thornberry Movie200112card-UN5-100 (New)
Time Zone/Sega199512sticker-UN5-101 (New)
Toobies Mobiles1990S4cutout-UN5-102 (New)
Toy Story 2200012sticker-UN5-103 (New)
Uncle Tobys Oats Luggage Tags-1+plastic card-UN5-104 (New)
Uncle Tobys Oats Name Tags-1+plastic card-UN5-105 (New)
Water Sport Athletes-6+card-UN5-106 (New)
Welcome to Weeties World1990s33stickeralbumUN5-107 (New)